Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Saxon Foot Artillery 1812-13 WIP

I've decided to ditch my Prussians for the moment as I've been getting an itch to work on another project, it's only temporary as I always come back to my Prussian in the end however for the moment I'm all prussian'd out! Anyway for a good while I've felt a pull to do work on my late Saxons. So 1st up is the artillery. I did a little video of the progress:

And as usual some pics of the battery below

1st I'm going to paint a 4 gun battery, they may well have been 3 gun so I'll just drop 1 if the OOB demands. The uniform is lovely a dark to mid green coat with red facings. Who says green and red don't go! This pic was taken a few days ago so I've made further progress on the troops.

My test figures 90% finished. Unfortunately the figures required a lot of clean up with scalpel and files however the figures themself are lovely.

I decided to do a little bit of converting on the artillery pieces using Stephen Summerfield's book on Saxon artillery as well as the Calpe and Westfalia guns as a reference. They won't be perfect but in 15mm who will care!

The gun tubes are progressing well, the smooth tube and stylish rim around the muzzle are very characteristic of the Saxon M1810 6pdr (and 12pdr). A little more work and they will be ready to paint.

Hope everyone is enjoying our little hobby and happy wargaming!!!