Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Prussian Collection 2015

Sorry for the recent dip in posts on my blog, been working a wee bit to much lately however I've still been making a little progress here and there. The last battalion of my 6th Silesian landwehr are well underway now and if I keep plugging away they should be completed mid April. Anyway I thought it was about time I posted an update of where I'm at with my Prussians.

You can see a very low quality video on my YouTube channel here:

And below are some pics of the collection although they don't look so grand photographed on my iPad however you should get the general idea!

So 1st up a pic of the whole lot, they are starting to mount up now at long last!

These are my cavalry elements so far, lights on the left and heavies on the right. I hope to add another landwehr cavalry regiment as well as a uhlan and possibly another couple if hussar regiments in charging poses (I have the figures already tucked away). I have the East Prussian National Kavalry to add as well as 1 more dragoon regiment then maybe the Von Lutzow freicorp mixed unit of black hussars and uhlans, plus commands will be required (we will see!)

A close up of the heavies showing our progress from hand cut bases on the rear OG dragoons to regular cut bases to the final warbases laser cut bases that you really can't beat.

The lights are probably the best troops in my army, especially the uhlans and landwehr cavalry as I started to move away from painting over someone else's paint job. Just to fill you in when I started Naps again and especially when I discovered AB I had just purchased a new home plus I was not long married. I didn't have a great amount of cash to spend on figures so I had to trade my 28mm Naps and picked up groups of troops unpainted and painted where I could.

The artillery and some commands, a mix of old glory and AB, the AB horse battery is on my list of targets to be finished this year!

This is the core of my army and is coming together well. I'll hopefully finish the Silesian landwehr and also the Kurmark landwehr regiments this year (famous last words!)

I'm thinking that blucher could use a little TLC like Napoleon had, his group was done with the AP dip but I'm thinking of spending some more time on their shading.

A close up of the Silesian landwehr. I've learned a lot while painting these battalions. I'll do a post on the regiment when completed explaining the different painting techniques I used.

And my beloved Old Glory Prussians, the figures that reignited my napoleonic passion again!

I think the OG Prussians are a good range to collect on their own however the horses are not the best and require a good deal of cleaning up.

And here are my old Minifigs Prussians, when I 1st started collecting these guys I would buy 4 or maybe 5 packs at a time as that's pretty much what I could afford at the time. I think I bought my 1st packs around about 14 or 15 along with my brother David in Glasgow. A big difference from spending £100 plus on a few regiments of AB cavalry and infantry.

Anyway that's it for the moment, I have a good number of Prussians and other nations to paint over the next few years so I'll see how I get on. I'm not 100% sure but I may have purchased my last AB figures from fighting 15's? There are various bits and pieces I would like to buy but I have enough to go on with for the next few years. 

I'd like to say a massive thanks to my friend Malc who very kindly sent up for goodies he didn't need and a very special item that is very well received. Among the items was a pack of BH Prussian commanders. These I have already made plans to remount on the newer AB horses and will help complete my prussian commands, thanks Malc!!!

Happy wargaming everyone!
Regards Paul