Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Prussian Battalions x3

I've put in a good few days of figure painting over the last couple of weeks since my last post and have some how managed to finish off 3 battalions from the workbench that have been a stone around my neck for quite a while. You may remember that I picked up a large number of painted Prussians from my buddy Darren almost 2 years ago that were painted similar to my old style with black undercoat showing through. I quickly debased all the figures and split them into new battalions with characters added in where I usually do. I then cleaned up with files and scalpel any areas I felt needed it. I decided to use Darren's paintwork as my base coat however I still had a long, long way to go to match them in with my own troops. 

1st up are the Pomeranian grenadiers. There were a lot of grenadiers with white facings so I decided to keep them as Pomeranian and will look to build a regiment each of Colberg and Pomeranian in time. I hope!

The mounted officer was a little bit of conversion fun with a mounted uhlan officer, his belt was removed and an overcoat added with buttons up the front. The red lining of the cape is possibly a bit over the top or perhaps he is a wealthy landowner? 

As required there are 2 companies with white shoulder straps and 2 with red. The finish is a little harsher than I would have liked with the black showing through, however they are still very neat and will fight just fine.
Next up is the 2nd battalion of the Lieb regiment. There were a good few figures in skirmishing poses amongst the figures I received from Darren and my thinking is to have my 2 battalions of hard fighting Lieb musketeers in firing lines with casualties to make them stand out from my other regiments. My Lieb fusiliers will also hopefully take the form of a heavily engaged battalion.
I plan to do a command base from the famous painting with Yorck lowering his cap to the Lieb regiment as they march past after heavy fighting (I think after Wartenburg?). 

Again it was a case of me using Darren's painting as a base coat although I used my own blues and added a good lot of extra details and colours.
You can't really beat the AB Prussians and I did wish at times I was painting them from scratch. Still they look very good to me now that they are all based and finished.
The firing line doesn't even look that bad in column and I can also tick them off my Katzbach OOB.

The 3rd battalion I finished is the 2nd battalion of the 1st East Prussian regiment, these guys can be ticked off my Katzbach OOB as well!

I have 1 final battalion to do from the figures I received from Darren, they will be guard fusiliers however I have changed them to my new style and they are pretty much all repaints. Once they are done I will be painting everything from bare metal. 

And this is pretty much how I would like all my Prussian infantry to look from now on. 

These guys are from the East Prussian grenadier battalion and since taking these pics I have 2 companies complete and I have enjoyed every minute of painting them.

Also recently I went out and purchased a good number of Vallejo paints and have been working out my combinations for trousers etc.
An officer from the 3 company with face and sash still to be highlighted. I'll post picks when they are done.

Happy Painting