Thursday, 11 December 2014

Boki Russian Command WIP

Something a wee bit exciting for me and also wee bit scary!!!

Sho (Boki miniatures from Estonia) put a few samples of his new 6mm napoleonic range in with my latest 18mm order and I am very, very taken with them. They are so detailed, easy to paint and to be honest so cute that I think I maybe ready to paint up a couple of opposing armies and that is the really scary bit. The only thing that concerns me are the flags for the battalions. If I suss out how to do that then I'll go for it 100%. Does anyone do nice 6mm naps flags? What a crazy question to ask!!!!

Anyway these are the smallest figures I have ever painted, at least I think they are? I believe both these guys are Russian generals. It's been a while since reading up on the Russians so I may have got a couple of things wrong but who cares they are tiny!

I can't believe the amount of detail Sho got into them, he really has created something pretty special!

I've still to varnish the edge of the base then I'll add a little grass. I can't wait to paint up the little artillery crew Sho sent over next!

And here they are next to their 18mm countrymen. Sho well done buddy and keep them coming!!!

I was so excited about these little guys I pushed on and finished them tonight! I hope you can see why I like them so much.

Insane detail for such a small scale, I've no idea how he does it?

If you are not aware of Sho's figures there is a link to his website on the lower left of my blog.

Happy wargaming