Monday, 25 April 2016

1st Battalion 6th Silesian Landwehr

I've meant to do a post for a couple of weeks now to show my progress however I decided to wait until I finished this current crop of figures. As part of a small painting challenge run by the Miniature Modelling Mayhem group on facebook I have used my time to tick off a few little projects I should have finished a long time ago. Watching everyone progress through their projects on the chats plus posting on the group has spurred me on to putting in a bit more effort and now that it has been expanded till the end of May I'll be pushing on with a couple of other little long neglected half finished projects.  

My Silesian landwehr only 2 battalions short of completion!

So I have just finished this battalion up. It is the 1st battalion of 6th Silesian landwehr regiment. If you have followed my blog you will have seen that I was lucky enough to win Dan Dunbar's commission painting comp and I got Dan to do a number of landwehr figures for me. I have used Dan's painting as a basecoat and added a few extra shades to the troops plus added in around 8 of my own from scratch to complete the battalion.

To give a variety from the 4th Silesian regiment I have added in a number of reserve figures in short coats as the 6th was shown to have it in 1815.

I used various Vallejo and Foundry blues plus the odd grey mixed in to try and get plenty of different blue tones to the coats and caps.

These are my Silesian landwehr battalions so far. I'm roughly doing them for the Katzbach OOB.

Also I have added some Leib regiment musketeer skirmishers for future games, some 3rd rank to add to the volunteer jager. 

I have been messing about with greys, blue greys to get different shades to the bedrolls, trousers etc.

Another little long neglected project: I started this 1 off maybe 2-3 years ago then decided I needed  to crack on with more battalions. This is Crazy Platen from the Mockern 1813 battle, or at least my representation of him. He is a Russian dragoon with a Prussian artillery gunners head pinned in place.

And this is his trumpeter converted from a Prussian dragoon trooper with his hand drilled and a French dragoon trumpet plus cord added.

Still a work in progress but starting to take shape, The uhlan looks to be from the 7th in the picture and I have painted him that way as I stupidly forgot that when I started the project way back it was pointed out to me that the 8th were the uhlans in the OOB. Anyway it's to late to change him and he fits in with the picture.

This is the picture my command is based on. I know it isn't exact but it will do for me. The story if you haven't heard it is that during the battle of Mockern the officer Crazy Platen of the Lithuanian dragoons was in combat with a Polish uhlan (I think both men received wounds) then Platen's trumpeter weighed in finishing the poor uhlan by using his trumpet as a weapon. 

So that's me for the moment. Hopefully I'll have more progress on the command base plus East Prussian grenadiers soon. If your interested in joining the painting challenge or checking out the MMM group it's a very friendly little group with members from around the world. The paint up (chatting online with other wargamers/painters through google hangouts) are mostly offline so are pretty chilled out and it's amazing the amount of stuff you get through when taking part. I've found that cleaning up figures for painting and rattling through the troops is easy when your having a blether at the same time. It's a closed group so everything you post is within the group. You can find the group in facebook at Miniature Modelling Mayhem.

Happy Wargaming!!!