Monday, 30 May 2016

East Prussian Grenadiers 1813

I think this will be 3 posts in 2 weeks so maybe some sort of record for me? Anyway this is another unit that was lingering around the workbench unloved. This will be my last contribution to the Miniature Modelling Mayhem : May Painting Challenge. I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge plus the chats with the guys definitely helped my output, especially in the past couple of weeks when I needed a wee lift, so thanks very much to the MMM Group on Facebook! 

I have made a little video to accompany my blog post if anyone is interested.

So the 1st East Prussian grenadiers are a combined grenadier battalion with 2 companies from the 1st East Prussian regiment with white shoulder straps and 2 companies from the 2nd regiment with red shoulder straps.
Sorry for the burnt out pictures (I'll put it down to the ipad, thats my story and I'm sticking to it) 

I have tried by best to keep the coats dark while still getting a good highlight on the blue, it can be quite tricky and you can't really see the result until the troops are based up. I've used the Foundry blue triad and for variation sometimes I skip the blue highlight mixing the mid tone with GW Fortress Grey. I've also on a few troops simply put the base shade blue over the black undercoat then mixed a little of the same grey into the base shade. I'm quite pleased with the effect.

Although it really isn't noticeable on the table I have given different hair colours to the troops. It's a lot simpler than it sounds as I paint my troops in groups according to their pose. Each group gets a specific hair colour and when all the troops are finished I mix them through giving the battalion a good variety of hair colours and poses.

I messed up on the command drummer by trying out a wash on the drum. I'm afraid washes aren't for me unfortunately. Something I have noticed in the time I've been painting my Prussian collection is that the detail around the belts of the Musicians is not always cast well compared to the troopers, you have to hunt a little for the belt work in areas. 

All in all it's great to have another battalion finished, I always get a brilliant feeling when I'm varnishing the last couple of figures of a unit. My Silesian grenadiers unfortunately, stalled not because I didn't want to paint them, simply that my available free time dried up. I may finish them before moving onto my next project however I feel that I need to return to my Saxon army soon?

I hope everyone is enjoying their projects and getting plenty painted!!!
So until next time Happy Wargaming!!!