Monday, 1 September 2014

Russian Foot Battery 1812-14

It's been a long, long time since my last post. 1st we've had a great summer in Scotland and the thought of sitting in the loft painting just hasn't appealed. To be honest up until today the only online surfing I have been doing has been on my phone, a quick visit here and there posting the odd comment. I also haven't played or watched a wargame in a very long time and at the moment I have to say I haven't really missed the gaming side of things. 
Luckily the break over the past months has kicked off a mini painting bug and I managed to slowly figure by figure get something finished. I've had a couple of AB Russian light foot batteries sitting on the work bench for a couple of years now and have managed to take 1 to completion.
With the later kiwer the battery probably would be better listed from 1813-14 but they will be used (eventually) for our 1812 batteries.
So down to the painting: I have finally settled on colours for my Russians, I have used the Foundry triad for French Chasseur a Cheval for the coats and I'm really happy with the result (even if it's hard to see the shade in my pics). The trousers are doe with an undercoat of GW deneb stone progressively mixed with white and the guns apple green is base coated in Foundry Russian light shade then the shade and middle shade of Foundry Dragoon green. I'm really happy with the finish!
The flesh is done with my own selected triad from different Foundry flesh.
There are only 2 sets of poses in this battery at the moment however when the 2nd battery is complete I'll mix through the different sets of crews as all will be based and finished the same way.
The new shades of green on the lower right gun and a gun from my original AB battery painted a few years ago. I picked up most of my AB Russian figures from my buddy Stuart that had been machine gun painted by JP. I kind of got sucked into following his original paint patterns however from now on all my Russians will be done with my own shades.
My completed battery with the final battery with all the base coats applied.
 God only knows when I'll get it finished!
I'm not sure what I'll be working on next? I have an eye on some of Sho's new Russians and some of his Generals are in the post to me at the moment however I may hold off on them until he finishes the additional command figures he is working on. Sho's new General range looks to be completely compatible with AB's Russian command figures so it is truly exciting times for 18mm late war Russian fans!

A wee appeal: Does anyone have a GW foundation Deneb stone they dont use? my pot is on the turn plus is running low and is my favourite for Russian trousers. They are now very hard to come by and I would be willing to pay for the tub or possibly trade for some colours I have. I have plenty of Foundry Napoleonic paints I don't need.