Thursday, 1 October 2015

Black Powder Challenge WIP1

So the Black Powder Challenge has started over on YouTube and I've made a slow but steady start however I'm away for around 2 weeks in total so will fall behind with my goals. The challenge is over almost 3 months so I should have time to catch up?

 This is the 1st batch I'm working on, a wee commands for Russian and Prussia.

2 Russian command bases, 1 figure and all horses from AB and 3 Sho Boki Russian command figures. I've made a few small errors on the uniforms so please don't use them as a reference.

Lovely face sculpted by Sho Boki from his generals set.

A start on crazy Platen's trumpeter

And crazy Platen with his base coats done.

And the poor Polish uhlan smashed over the head.

That's me for the moment, happy wargaming!