Friday, 29 May 2015

Prussian ADC's

A quick post, here are a couple of Prussian ADC's I converted a wee while back and painted up as part of my Warboss Tae's May Painting Challenge, the final video is below if anyone is interested:

And some pics of the ADC's below if not.

I think this guys my favourite done as an officer of the Brandenburg hussars. Headswapped and neck drilled then pinned with paperclip and superglue with some putty to tidy up. The body fits the head well.

I'm very happy with the painting on this guy. I used the foundry Prussian blue shade and mid tone and a tiny touch of Coat d' Arms horse tone grey into the mid blue gave a lovely highlight.

MiniNatur flowers and turfs for fun.

And this guy was done as an adjutant to the king, can't see his face so well as his head is dipped but I'm chuffed with him to.

Anyway hope everyone is well and hopefully catch up with everyone's posts now that the challenge is over!

Happy war Gaming!!!