Monday, 1 February 2016

Saxon Liebenau Grenadiers WIP1

I've made some good progress on my latest Saxon battalion. This time I'm trying to tie things together and this 1 is a grenadier battalion for 1812, Liebenau grenadier battalion. This if I remember was made up of 2 companies of grenadiers from the Prinz Friedrich August and 2 companies from Prinz Clemens (also Steindel depending on the date) regiment in 1812. This is also a starter for a grenadier battalion for 1813 as I can take 1 company from each and add them to a company each of Von Rechten plus Maximillian to create an 1813 combined grenadier battalion (who's name evades me at the moment, von Spiegel if I remember right?). 

I have only 4 command figures to do and they will be ready to base. I've really enjoyed painting them, the different shades for the white and also the grey overall trousers has been fun and not hard to do and I'm looking forward to the next battalion.

This is the white buttoned companies of Steindel. Once these guys are finished I'll actually have 2 battalions that were in the same brigade! Due to my stupidity I painted 3 battalions with 3 different facing colours that were not brigade together and the stupid thing it's I knew this when I did them!!! So now I have to try and forget all the pretty facing colours and work towards specific brigades (but yellow facings would look so nice).

Anyway that's my progress for the moment, I hope everyone is doing well with their project!

Also if anyone is interested there is a cracking Facebook group called Tabletop Commanders, Its a closed group so you'll have to add yourself to join. It's a really friendly community, very positive for the hobby and full of very helpful people plus they do live paint and chats during the week as well as live gaming that gives you the chance to see how different rule sets play. It's surprising how much it can help you keep focused with painting when your sitting chatting with likeminded folks. Some nights after work I cant be bothered to pick up the brushes and this is when I've found it most helpful! It was started by Kurtus Brown and here is the link:

Happy wargaming!!!