Friday, 22 July 2016

Dolitz : Leipzig 1813

I'm glad to say I managed to get a good sized game in at the end of June, the Falkirk lads set up for the Dolitz 1813 scenario from the Leipzig battlefield. I have put a little video together as a run through of the action and i'll pop up a few pics of the action below:

The battlefield was built up from Kalistra hex sections.

The lads getting set up for battle, 2 of the 3 Allied commanders for the day. The 3rd had to be clipped from shot because of a very dodgy T-shirt. 

A table of Napoleonic loveliness. I find it really inspiring seeing everyone's troops laid out on the table. Even without playing it would be a great display.

Helicopter view of the battlefield.

View from young David's command.

Austrians take the 1st of their objectives. We need to add a sizeable Austrian contingent to our collections as they are always 1 of the prettiest armies on the tabletop.

Prussian advance in the centre soon to be given a sharp shock.

The Allied centre starts to struggle under a flank attack from our Poles.

The Prussian centre begins to fold.

and the Poles keep pushing!

On the other end of the table from me the Russians prepare their advance.

Some of my Russians joined with RT's Russians led by Sho Boki command figures.

Again the Allies are blunted by the glorious French and our Allies!

The unused guard

The French claimed victory on the day, we had for the most part held the Allies back and in the centre we had seriously dented the Prussian advance.

As usual a very fun day and a chance to take stock of what is missing from our collections. Next I will post an update on my Saxon light infantry battalion. I wanted to put a post up earlier however I wanted to push on to the end so needed any available time for painting.

All the best and happy wargaming!!!