Sunday, 25 January 2015

Napoleon Completed

Good news, I finally finished the inner circle of Napoleon's command! Well I've had this lot sitting around for far to many year so to finally see them painted up gives me a great lift and also a great feeling of relief!!!

I hope you don't mind that I'm showing them yet again as I know I've posted a couple of WIP posts already. I also uploaded another video so I hope you enjoy it.

Again I've included a few pics just incase the video quality is not so great however my photography isn't so great either funnily enough with most of the pics being over saturated with light! Ah well you can't have everything and I'll work on that for my next post! So here he is the scourge of Europe ready to lead my none existent French army! I seriously need to paint up some French battalions now or he will be forever leading the David's battalions

A close ups of the blue on my Bertheir, definitely a big positive for me in doing this group has been finally finding a blue (2 actually) that I now can use on my future French army. As I said before I had a good deal of clean up on some of the figures however they were a real joy to paint. Another huge plus, the horses are absolutely lovely and I've manage with the inner and outer circle to keep every horse pose different.

My mounted guard chasseur a cheval, again a pretty burnt out picture so almost impossible to see the shading.

Napoleon scanning the horizon as his side kicks look on. Where will he take them next???

This is the other blue I used, on Duroc this time. Not quite as rich as the intense blue however still very, very nice with really good coverage. The very cool BH Russian gun, these are lovely artillery pieces and I think just as nice as the AB guns.

So that's the big cheese, número uno finished, thanks for viewing and hopefully get something else finished for the end of January?

Vive l'Empereur!!!!