Monday, 20 April 2015

6th Silesian Landwehr Regiment

So that's them all done, placed neat and tidy in my storage box! It's a lovely feeling clearing them from my workbench and I'm really happy how they finished up. My apologises for lack of posts as I've gotten carried away with YouTube, if you like you can see my video on these guys her eyes:

Or if not you can keep on readin.

So this is the 4 battalions of the regiment with the commanding officer at the front. The flags are from GMB and are perfect for AB figures. I drilled out the hands of my flag men and replaced them with shaped paper clips. 

This is the newly finished 3rd battalion with yellow shoulder straps.

I converted the main officer from an AB Russian officer pinning a spare Landwehr head to him and I'm chuffed how he came out.

A Landwehr Hornist, this is the 1st time I have painted this wee guy as a Landwehr man and I think he came out well.

And this is the 4th battalion of the regiment, I added flowers into the last 2 battalions and may go back and do the same with the other 2? Takes a wee bit longer to finish the bases but I like the final result.

I converted the Zimmerman from the AB French pioneer using pics in Dr. Stephen Summerfields excellent book on Prussian Landwehr as a reference.

A close up of the 1st 2 battalions, the 1st battalion was done with the army painter dip method with a lot of touching up. Not bad but I prefer my old style of painting. The mounted officer was converted from a uhlan officer I had spare. The white cross belt may be pushing it a bit but he is Landwehr so any useful kit is possible?

I'm not sure what I'll be doing next? I have signed up for a May painting challenge on YouTube trying to complete an AB horse battery and part of my lieb hussars in the month posting videos almost every day! Not sure how that will flow but I'll give it a try . . .

Anyway hope everyone is enjoying the turn in the weather and also enjoying our hobby
Happy Wargaming!!!