Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Welcome to Sledge City

Well I was lucky this year as the heavy snow fell on my days off so my wife and I were able to have some fun in the snow

My wife ever mindful of safety wore her hat that has her name sewn into it just in case she got lost in the snow.

With loads of snow falling at my sisters house we we're able to make a visit to Sledge City!

Even Jasper the wonder dog got in on the act. Here he is doing his world famous Robert De Niro impression (are you looking at me?).

The Gang take a break from sledging for a family photo.

Some of my nieces have taken up stunt sledging (could be a little more practice is needed?)

My wife really hates the snow and we couldn't get her to smile at all!

The girls went down early to prepare dinner and left us guys to some extreme Sledging. My wife ever vigilant managed to walk all the way down with a spare pair of gloves she had found at the top of the hill thinking they were abandoned! They were however mine!! I had left them there while I was taking some pictures!!! My fingers have still to thaw out!!!!

Apparently young ninja assassins love sledging too!!!

Even I got in on the act. To me, sledgng is an art form. I imagine I am the star performer at the Bolshoi in Moscow as graceful as a swan. As you can see I take it very seriously.


Peeler said...

HaHa! Looks like loadsa fun was had, great pics! :-)

Stryker said...

Hi Paul - that looks like fun. We live in south Devon which must be the only place in the entire western world not to have any snow right now! Merry Christmas...


paulalba said...

Hi Mr P It was great fun, Have a great Christmas!

Hi Ian, that is incredible I thought everywhere had a total covering in the UK? Have a great Christmas!

Best regards
Paul and Mylene