Saturday, 9 April 2011

East Prussian Cuirassiers

I kind of rushed to finish these guys off today for a Naps game at the club.
These are my East Prussian cuirassiers from AB
As I mentioned before I wasn't really that happy with them as I was expecting charging cuirassiers and I'm still not too keen on them but they are finished and they had their 1st outing today. I'll post a battle report soon 
Also as I mentioned before please don't use my saddle colour as a guide as I believe they should be red and for some unknown reason (really weird for me) I chose to paint them with the facing colour. The flag is a cracker, I picked up a set of 15mm flags on ebay from a company called signifer (I think?). The infantry flags were too small for AB figures but the cavalry flags are spot on.
I will tidy up the finer details later (around buttons, some of the horses eyes etc) but for now they have a single coat of varnish applied, they are grassed and I am sure they will grow on me.
I should add that the AB Prussian kurassiers didn't come with a standard so I clipped off a sword and drilled out the hand before inserting a straightened paper clip. I then made a new hand and attachment from green stuff to hold the standard. I have since found out that there is a standard bearer available and have 1 in my newest regiment!!! There was definitely none offered at Fighting 15's when I ordered them yet there is now!?


Anonymous said...

Your getting to picky, they look fine. OK the saddle cloths might be wrong but apart from that their good.
I don't like my Cuirassiers charging. Only Hussar's/Chaussures and maybe Lancers should be in the charge pose.

paulalba said...

Yeah your probably right Neil,
I've just been spoiled with the charging Russian cuirassiers from AB. They needed a lot more clean up than usual for AB figures around the swords and horses legs so I guess this is partly why I wasn't so keen on them.

Sgt Steiner said...


They look great IMHO your colour choice and application is very naturalistic and impressive.

Look forward to seeing more

John de Terre Neuve said...

I think they look great, very nice unit.


The Angry Lurker said...

They look great and I prefer the less energetic pose, good work.

Ray Rousell said...

They look great to me, the pose look good too. 10/10

Sgt Steiner said...

Best of all he has the cheek to call this a 'rush job' !! :-)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Super work! Really like your Naps!


paulalba said...

Thanks a million guys!!!!

Being Scottish I guess I was originally disappointed when I found out that the Battle Honours Prussian Cuirassiers were pretty much identical to the AB version so could have saved a few pennies there (and also the none charging pose). I had more bother cleaning up these guys than any other AB figures I have bought.

Saying that I am pleased how they turned out, Can't quite make out the shading I put on the coats but still neat and tidy so over all I'm happy with the finsh. Maybe I have had them looking at me for far too long?

I very much appreciate the encouragment guys!!!

kingsleypark said...

Excellent stuff Paul. And if anyone picks you up on the saddle colour then they really need to get a life

Rosbif said...

I have a few painting 'bloopers' in my collections, too, but I'm not going to let it bother me; life's too short.

Your painting of 15mm figures never fails to impress. You've done it again! Great job, Paul.

Ken said...

Great stuff Paul! I think the cuirassiers have turned out quite nice. I know what you mean regarding the flash, I've got some dragoons that will need some cleaning up- I wonder if his moulds are getting worn or what?

How do the battle honors size up with AB's? I've checked out the Fightin15s site and claim to be quite compatible.



paulalba said...

Thanks a lot for the kind comments guys, again it is very much appreciated!

I haven't had a chance to see all the BH figures. I seen some marching Prussians that looked great and the only problem was the bayonets seemed very fragile (if not for that my Prussians would have been BH and not OG) but the figures still looked very nice. The cuirassiers seemed to be very similar, I think the horses were different but the troopers pretty much a good match. I believe the hussars and dragoons are different though.
Thanks again guys!

Scotsgrey said...

wish #I had been able to see them for myself, they look superb!

Crazy Joe said...

A very enjoyable blog with some excellent figures. You've even managed to get me to buy some OG Russians after putting it off for years!

Those Prussian Cuirassiers look just right, so I'd leave'em and move on to the next unit. if you dislike them after another month, you can give them to me . . . . ;O)

CarloAntonio said...

15mmm !!Incredible! I do not do anything under 1/72.
The details are beautiful, very nice work Paulalba !!!

paulalba said...

Hi D,
I was going to drop you a line about the game but JP informed me Saturday was your moving day and you would be down the following Saturday. Hopefully bump into you down the club soon!

Hi Crazy Joe,
The OG glory are not too bad, I have a load still to do myself. Look forward to seeing your finished figures on your blog!

Hi Carlo,
I don't have the space for anything bigger so 15mm is the size for me. Had even considered 10mm.

Thanks loads for the comments guys.
All the best