Sunday, 2 September 2012

Borodino plus New Toys!

This weekend has been a great weekend for me in terms of wargaming and I would like to share it. After this post my wee painted men may appear a little bland in comparison!!!

I consider myself very lucky at the moment in regards to wargaming:
  1) I have my brother and nephew 30 minutes up the road who share the same hobby interests as myself, 2) I have my friend Cameron maybe 2 stone throws away who also loves wargaming and has just embraced 15mm Naps, 3) 30mins in the other direction my friend Robert is starting to host large 15mm Naps battles that I have the chance to join.
Robert text me earlier in the week to say that he and Billy would be playing a game of Naps, wasn't sure what at the time but probably late Russians against French. I asked if I could join them and Robert said no problem. I then managed to mess my shifts up at work meaning that the wife and I would miss each other until pretty much Saturday afternoon and seeing as this is our only weekend together in 3 it wasn't clever. I let Robert know I would be down for a few hours to watch but wouldn't be able to play and to be honest it was probably for the best as to my shame I only now have been getting stuck into the latest GdB rules (Yes this is probably punishable by death in some countries but I did have it out on loan to Cameron to give him a head start before he bought his own copy).
Anyway as you can see Robert put on a superb Borodino game (I believe it is 1 from the GdB scenario book?). The Table looked to be perfectly sized for movement and the troops on display were superb!
I apologise for the crappy pics but I just don't seem to have the knack at the moment with my wee camera. The Redoubt: the French objective for the day to take it and hold it.
Some of Billy's cracking AB French artillery, I really like the way the guns are done with a white undercoat and a light olive wash.
Billy's right marching off to try and outflank the Russian left. AB French Legere
Robert deployed the Russian 12lb battery to the left of the redoubt and the light battery inside. Pretty interesting tactic.
The Russian cavlry brigades coming on later in the game.
Billy's right pincher.
it was pretty balanced here until the Russian cavalry started to appear.
Some AB French eye candy.
What can I say about the day? Robert and Billy were great and as usual put up with my many questions on the new rules and were also very encouraging for myself about joining them for a game. The game itself, well as you would expect has totally inspired me. When I walked out to my car all I could think about was getting more Russians and French painted and what I would need to finish to be able to play this scenario with my own troops (I was surprised not that much to be honest, The Davids have covered the French already!). The next time I get the chance and I'm not on shift I will be joining in!!!
And here is another great bit of news, I purchased a large amount of AB's for myself from Darren down in England (really nice bloke). He gave up 15mm Naps a few years back for 28's and sold them figures at a good price for us both. So I now have plenty of Prussians to paint!!
I won't be counting them, all I can say is it took me 4 hours to sort them out into units along with my other troops, so much for chipping away at the lead mountain. The great thing is I still love painting my 15mm Naps and I am sure with time myself and the Davids will get through them all!!!

Happy figure painting and wargaming to everyone!


Rosbif said...

Thanks for the pictures, Paul. Bummer that you couldn't play, but it looks like a graat game.

Make sure the floorboards under your lead mountain are reinforced! ;-)

Gonsalvo said...

The game looked great! Seriously, the best stimulant of activity in our hobby is amiable apponents living nearby, especially of they collect/paint as well. That will really fuel the (lead) arms race! :-)


Crazy Joe said...

Inspiring game and no mistake.

That Prussian bargain ought to keep you out of mischief for a while eh?


Rodger said...

Love the photos Paul! We have a huge Borodino game on this weekend coming.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking game and perhaps you'll be able to catch the next one!

The battle of Borodino is my favourite of the period and something I'd like to do albeit in 28mm.


David Cooke said...

I liked the photos! Fun looking game too.

Ken said...

Excellent game! If I get my 100 days army finished I may paint up some Russians for 1814.

I really ought to join a club or something.

Achilles said...

great pictures Paul! indeed a pity you couldnt join. It would have been great to see some of your painting on that table as well!

oh, and gongrats on acquiring those Prussians! I am waiting to see some painted battalions!

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Great to hear you have such a great war gaming community there - I wish I was a stone's throw away and were able to drop in and watch the fun.

Phil said...

Borodino is always an interesting batlle to replay, and you've got really nice pictures! Good work!

John (VonBlucher) said...

Great pictures and great looking table and figures. Always nice to have friends nearby in to keep you motivated with some great eye candy.

Looks like plenty for you to work on during the winter months. Now all you need to do after sorting them is to figure out what you still need!!

Ray Rousell said...

Some great pics of what looked like an excellent game, and good luck with the Prussians!

paulalba said...

Wow thanks for all the great comments guys,

Rosbif the floorboards are well strong ;0)

Your absolutely right Peter and the (lead) arms race is a great name for our collectiing!

It sure was Joe and I do love the AB Prussians.

Thanks Rodger, I'll keep an eye out for pics of your Borodino game.

I will really try to join in the next Christopher and if you do Borodino in 28mm it will look fantastic!!!

It really looked great fun David

A club would be brilliant Ken, with all the troops you have painted any would love to have you appear out of the blue, I would love to see their faces when you appear with Prussian, French, British and other armies!!

Thanks Achilles, I think the 1st units I will concentrate on will be cavalry as I have been very lazy with Cav. Good to see you painting again Achilles (you should get back over to Japan and join in the fun ;0)

I Mr. B I wish you could be closer too. We would have a lot to talk about!

Thanks Phil, and pretty soon I will be doing something for my collection that should make you happy!

Hi John, yes that is what I have been doing, figuring out what I need to finish off batteries and units.

Thanks Ray,
I will need it, The good thing is there are 3 of us so when we focus on a period and army we can get stuck in. last year was hell for me as I had nowhere to game and nowhere to paint. This year has been a great improvement and hopefully will stay like this for years to come!!!

Thanks again for all the great comments.
Best regards

Cameron T said...

I've still not got myself a copy of the GdB rules :(
The table looks great, sorry I missed it .

James Fisher, FINS said...

Apologies Paul, I missed this blog back on the bicentennial of Borodino. I have now added it to the Wargaming Waterloo 2015 blog on which I am trying to post links to all bicentennial games.


p.s. No need to apologise for the photos, they are great!