Sunday, 25 November 2012

Subbuteo Spectators

This is the reason I haven't painted any naps over the past couple of months. 
Loads of Subbuteo spectators for a friend in Italy painted as Roma fans.

They are now finished and this is the last lot I will be doing.
Hundreds of the **** things!

And back to naps I go. 
Getting into the rebasing at the moment so hopefully I'll get some finished by the new year.
So for now I'm waving bye, bye to these little guys.



genial , I love it.

a lot of people!

Stryker said...

Fantastic! How about a couple of hundred Liverpool fans next, only joking...

Phil said...

Subbuteo was one of my favourite games...a couple of years ago...Great!

Baconfat said...

Absolutely Insane! Very nice work, but insane.

John de Terre Neuve said...

Wow! I would be relieved to get those done as well.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look absolutely great, but I don't envy the work which must of been labour intensive!


John(VonBlucher) said...

I thought you said a few!!

Mo wonder you haven't worked on any Naps

Phil said...

no one is selling any hot dogs or peanuts?... hehehe geeezz :o)

great work here again by you sir, well done.


Ray Rousell said...

Good Grief!!! Subbuteo Heaven.

Sgt Steiner said...

Have nominated your site for Leibster Award doing the rounds :-)
And this despite your front page showing Subuteo figures !!!

MSFoy said...

EXCELLENT! This is the sort of Subbuteo set-up I dreamed of as a young chap. I recall that my old league games used to get a bit fraught - we had to abandon the floodlight towers because they kept getting flattened in moments of panic. I hope your spectators don't get invaded by the players!

A great sight - thanks - Tony

paulalba said...

Thanks Napoleonic-Spain, loads of them.

Ian a couple of hundred Liverpool fans would be great but not by me ;0)

Phil, Ray and MS Foy I loved Subbuteo as a kid and it was through selling off my old collection on ebay I ended up doing this lot.

Baconfat, John, Christopher and John, I was dreaming about them after a month!!! I felt like I was going mad!!!

Phil I am sure at half time they will be selling over priced hotdogs ;0)

Sgt Steiner, I know what a waste of Naps painting time!!! Thanks for the nomination!!!

Thanks for all your kind comments about my mad Subbuteo project and now bac to naps!!! Never again will I paint subbuteo spectators (also enamels ruin your good brushes.

MiniMike said...

This brings back ancient memories. Insane but great project, looks awesome

Der Feldmarschall said...

That would drive me nuts!! Get back to painting Naps pronto! :-)


paulalba said...

Thanks Mike and DF,
Back to none subbuteo related items now!!!