Sunday, 7 April 2013

1st East Prussian Fusiliers

Carrying on from the AB figures I picked up from Darren at the end of last year here is a battalion of East Prussian fusiliers from the 1st regiment. I've wanted to do some East Prussians for a good while now as so many wargames scenarios (as did so many real battles) have them in the OOB. They fought in Russia with Napoleon, through the war of liberation in 1813 right into 1814 (I believe they were back home guarding the frontier during the 1815 campaign) so you really need to have a good amount of them in your late Prussian army.
I have the 2 line battalions under way on my work bench however I have jumped over to cavalry and I'm working my way through a Brandenburg hussar regiment at the moment (8 varnished 16 to go).
It took a good bit of painting to change them to my own older style. I highlighted some of the faces and blackened the leather work. Gun barrels were painted as were all the facings in the East Prussian terracotta/orange. As usual the breeches, bedrolls and uniforms were highlighted however my pics never seem to show them up well.
Some of the figures look a little rough as is to be expected when your over painting figures however I think they came out pretty well considering.
So that's 1 more battalion joining the fight to free the fatherland.
Right, back to those pesky hussars!

I'm going through all my old kit at the moment. Over the past 20+ years I have amassed so much stuff that I can hardly move so I am thinning it down to the stuff I feel that I would definitely like to paint, use and keep. My AB and OG Naps, 10mm ACW, 15mm Xyston ancients, FOW and Wings of War as well as 28mm zombies I will be keeping. The rest will be making their way to bring and buys and ebay and sadly some have already made it to the trash :0(


John (Von Blucher) said...

Great looking unit and another fine addition to your Prussians!!

After the Prussians are completely finished is back to the Austrians, French, or a Russian expansion.

I've been thinning the ranks for thae last 2 years. I'm down to my Glory Years Naps, My 15mm War of 1812 ships, and some 15mm Barons War Armies. Still have a just a few figs more to part with.

Gonsalvo said...

Looking good!

I am still expanding rather than contracting my collection... OTOH, my unpainted lead back log is relatively small.


Phil said...

Another great reinforcement unit, very nice work!

Ray Rousell said...

Nice painting Paul! I think every gamer needs to thin down their collection from time to time, I know I certainly do.....but it hurts!!!!

Sgt Steiner said...

Wish my figures looked as 'rough' as these :-)

Throwing stuff out !! Donner und blitzen, mein gott, gott in himmel etcetera

Scotsgrey said...
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Scotsgrey said...

Your painting is always an inspiration to me! Hope to see the highlighting up close, this saturday we are fighting a French v Prussina GdB at the Club

You dont need to cut back just one box in one box out. If something has to go replace it with some more finely painted miniatures!

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Another great unit despite what you say about repainting. I've got some similar AB Prussians with skirmishing types to build a couple of units.

I'm still completing 28mm units for the Ayton game but look forward to doing some Bavarian, Austrian or Russian units.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nicely done Paul! I get the part about reducing collections to a manageable level.


carojon said...

Great stuff, keep em comin Paul

Mike said...

Another good looking unit. Keep them coming; you're right, you need a lot of Prussians. I have more lead than I will finish painting in this life time, but I just can't bring myself to part with any just yet.

Craig said...

I have the East Prussians in my current line up. After seeing your "rough job", mine may need some further attention before unveiling them publicly! Great work as always Paul. I'd relish a chance to see your collection on a table.

MiniMike said...

I'm always impressed when I see the work you do om those Naps. Another great unit!

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the kind comments guys I am slowly, slowly working through my Brandenburg hussars. 14 varnished now (really happy with the officers).

With work and Mai's Birthday I would think another couple of weeks to get them all based up :0(

John B said...

Hi Paul, did you see my note on the GdeB Forum re the Saxons?

John B

Anonymous said...

All I can say is they went to the right home. Fantastic job. Bravo.