Monday, 20 January 2014

Painting for the Philippines

Hello, If you regularly follow my blog you will know that my wife's family lives in Tacloban City, Leyte and was caught up in the typhoon Haiyan (Yollanda) that hit the Philippines in November last year. Things, as you can image are still tough for our family and there is still a long road ahead. We have started to help our family to rebuild etc and have a few things on the go to help that I'll post as they come together.

I've been thinking for a while about painting some Naps to sell to help raise cash for the rebuild and a few nights back began some Fantasssin and Old Glory command bases to test the water with a look towards doing AB commands and possibly other stuff if there was an interest, I'm basically trying to balance out if it's worthwhile or am I better just doing extra overtime shifts at work as Im doing at the moment? 

Anyways I'm havering, the real reason of my post . . .

Recently, I received a really nice email from Kurt over at Express Miniatures. As it turns out Kurt through past employment has had the chance to visit the Philippines on various occasions and was obviously concerned by the disaster that hit last year. Kurt has offered to purchase and paint up either a 36 man battalion (or 32 if you prefer Prussians/Russians/Saxons etc) or a 12 figure cavalry squadron of AB figures out of his own pocket and send them over to myself to either auction on ebay or sell here. The figures would be unbased so whoever buys them can base them in their own style or if you would like me to base them for you for a small additional fee I would be happy to. The proceeds would go to my family and their community in the Philippines to help out.

Just to let you know Kurt asked that this could be an anonymous donation but I feel it only right that he should get the credit for his work!!! 

The problem we have is what nation and what unit to paint. To offer the unit in an auction on ebay (losing money to ebay) or would someone want to jump in and order the commission for themselves? also what would be a fair price for a newly painted AB battalion? We have thought a price of around £90 as a fair price as the AB figures will be purchased by Kurt (what do you guys think?) postage would be at cost and if you want basing done by myself we can work out a price. I am opening this up to you guys for your views and if anyone would like to make an offer feel free. You can either leave a message here or email myself through my profile. Again the money will be going straight to the Philippines, no profit by Kurt or myself.


LittleArmies said...

Hi Paul,
I can probably contribute the unpainted AB figures (as you know, I have several years supply) depending upon what you want.


paulalba said...

Hi Malc,
As always you are very, very kind!

Kurt has requested to supply the AB figures for this one and paint them up as his way to helping out some of the survivors. I have some little items on the go myself at the moment and will offer them at a later point.

If you would have some figures you can spare that would be brilliant or if you wanted some for yourself painted that would be a possibility to. Drop me an email with your thoughts Malc, everything helps!


What a kind offer... Let's have some Frenchies!!

Gonsalvo said...

A great idea! Doing it on commission would seem to be the best option, if possible. The the buyer gets exactly what he wants, and the sale is more or less guaranteed.

Unfortunately, not my scale or I'd consider it!


John(VonBlucher) said...

Great idea and good luck with this. I also think you should offer to paint some command stands as yours always look great. Also because gamers always want their command stands to look better than their painted troops.

paulalba said...

Hi Dave, I think French may be the best option? Thanks for your comment!

paulalba said...

Hi Peter,
No enquirers yet, fingers crossed.

paulalba said...

Hi John,
Thanks, I'm definitely thinking that way. Maybe a wee head swap here and there to make them unique.

paulalba said...

If anyone has any thoughts. If you feel we aimed to high with the price or have any suggestions to leave a comment.

warpaintjj said...

Hi Paul,
I have no idea what response you have had so far. My old chum Barry Hill who paints for me lives in the Philippines - luckily he is OK - skint but OK! I send him lots of stuff. So I get what you're doing here, every little helps. How about you quote to paint a 28mm Thuringian battalion for me? I'd supply Perry plastic Prussian and French for you to mix up like your 15mm unit, you paint, I pay - everyone benefits! Just a thought no stress either way, just trying to help out. We can talk via PM about the £'s.
Take care, Jeremy

paulalba said...

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for your support. Have had some requests at moment for 18mm figures. I'm not going to be doing much commissions as I feel its more cost effect to do extra shifts. Goid to heat your friend Barry is ok. Where is he in the Philippines? Maybe bump into him when we are over? Out family are all in Tacloban. At the moment im doing a wee bit much shifts and painting figures for my nephews there. We sent over our 1st 3 large boxes of goods on Sunday, mostly food and other goods that are hard to come by. Lots of donations from friends and companies. We have another 3 boxes to send. Aiming fir 22-24th Feb. You can email me through my profile and we can discuss the thuringian. You do realize the thuringian battalion posted on my blog was from Craig and not myself?
And thanks again!!!