Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mameluke WIP

Ok so I said I would be hammering on with my Prussian hussars . . .  

 . . .Well if you follow the blog regularly you'll know that there is always a chance I may just jump off into something else in the blink of an eye! I'm not sure if this post will be much interest to most as it's mainly for my friend John over in the US (Von Blucher)?

Anyway as the story goes, John sold me his AB guard chasseur a cheval a wee while back and very kindly sent over a selection of Battle Honours and AB Mamelukes so as I could add them to the formers ranks. We had some discussions and I made plans and I went about rebasing and adding to the Chasseurs. I have managed to complete 24 to a finish and have 4 more bases 90% done and I'll post them up when they are fully finished.

There is one problem with the BH Mamelukes, they are all in the same (at rest) pose and although beautiful they would look a bit odd alongside a charging regiment of guard chasseurs so conversions are needed! Saturday as luck would have it an osprey Mameluke book popped through the door and later on that evening John and I had a chat and also discussed the Mamelukes and Chasseurs and I decided it was about time I got stuck into them.

Inspired by illustrations in the book and also what I found on line I 1st converted an officer (kirmann I believe). He still has a good way to go but with a new right arm and head repositioned he's beginning to take shape.

Next up the chap carrying a tug, the top of the tug was attached to the arm of another smaller Mameluke (AB I believe). I tried to cheat and use the other figures are however the top broke of so I decided it was best to slice off the right arm of the above figure, drill the socket and make a new arm from wire for shape as I did with the officer. Still a wee bit of work to do on him and I'll try and find better images of the tug but I like how he's coming together.

So I'm keeping 1 original pose and the last figure will be (hopefully) a trumpeter! ambitious I know. I would liked to have done 2 bases of them however I only have 7 to work with and I don't know where to get another? I may look around for a basic charging AB figure and do a full conversion?
So that's them for the moment.

Also young David and I had a painting session on Sunday. He already had 3 Vistula uhlans pretty much done and had prepared 9 more. I concentrated on horses and he concentrated on 3 shading the troopers. Not bad for 5 hours work.

We plan to do it again soon to crack on with the other 12.

That's all for the moment
Happy wargaming

Awe ra best


Stryker said...

Mamelukes are the one type missing from my own armies that I wish I had. I can't wait to see what you make of them!

Fromhold said...

Pennants Vistula Lancers were red and white, not white and red:

Vistula Legion uniforms
Very interesting blog and nice figures!!
Best Regards

Phil said...

With your painting skill, I'm they will be impressive, so impressive...can't wait!

Craig said...

You are a very skilled fellow Paul. I look forward to seeing the end result!

paulalba said...

Thanks Ian, you have to have a few in a french Napoleonic army to show off their fancy pants!

paulalba said...

Thanks Craig,
Wish me luck as this amount of conversion is getting me out of my comfort zone!

paulalba said...

Thanks Artur,
Very helpful links! I'll pass them into my nephew although he may stick with how they are if he's far on with tgem but thanks again. I'll use them myself at some point.

paulalba said...

Thanks phil, we will see. I don't mind adding the odd little detail but arms are beyond me. I'll see how they come out afterwards. Hats of to the really talented guys who sculpt these little beauties for us!!!

John (VonBlucher) said...

They look great so far!! I'll have to check out my unpainted stock pile of Naps. I'm pretty sure I can help you out on the missing trooper. I might have to check out what else I can send you to make sense on the posatge
cost to Scotland. (These would all be on me)

Anonymous said...

Always a treat to paint with someone else. Makes to task a lot more enjoyable.
Nice looking figures.

paulalba said...

Thanks John, if you have another trooper that would be great and if you have some other stuff I would be happy to pay and also the postage. Let me know what you find.

paulalba said...

It certainly was a lot fast Neil and good fun to.

Gonsalvo said...

Nice work, Paul. I probably wouldn't have bothered (Or succeeded had I tried), but it will make them special! Mamelukes are fun to add to a French Guard cavalry force. You don't need many - I think I have six which is probably still too many vs 10 Chasseurs.

Ken said...

Ahhh Mamelukes knew I forgot something.

These ought to look good Paul I hope you can you merry band sorted. They ere a very colourful group of characters.

Michael Mills said...

Seriously looking forward to seeing these done. Not a unit you see a lot of but so packed with interest and character...

paulalba said...

I know Millsy,
I'll try and do them justice.

paulalba said...

I know peter,
I think I'll stretch the historical accuracy on these guys as they are very colourful and have caught my imagination.

paulalba said...

They are john. It's kind of handy that you only need to add them into your guard Chasseur a cheval so don't need to do a full 18 or 24 so the uniforms can all be unique

Anonymous said...

Looking great Paul. Makes my BH Mamulekes look a bit boring! Ps can also get you a trooper if you need one and any other bits and pieces

John B

paulalba said...

Thanks john,
Your french are awesome, they are a constant inspiration for me tucked away over on the WD3 gallery. I look through your guard cavalry often.

You should share more of your collection!!! I don't think I've seen your infantry? I somehow remember some converted marching AB guard engineers on GdB?



Ah Paul, now these should be special. I really want to see how theses come out.. I did a load of conversion work on my 28mm versions which was hugely enjoyable.