Thursday, 19 March 2015

Gunners Painting Service

A big shout out to Dan over at Gunners Wargaming Blog (possibly a big arsenal fan or he has been in the artillery?).

If you have seen Dan's excellent painting and conversions then you will be pleased to hear that Dan has started his own painting service and to kick off his new venture is very kindly offering a bit of free painting on selected items. You can enter over on Dan's blog here (or maybe not enter giving myself a better chance of winning as I could do with the help getting my own troops painted!!!):

You can also check out Dan's price list over on his blog here:

Have a nice weekend and happy wargaming!

Awe ra best


Jacksarge said...

I won some of Dan's work in a previous competition he ran, and can vouch that it is top notch!

Dan said...

Thanks Sarge, and yes ex artillery.

paulalba said...

Your a lucky man!

paulalba said...

Yeah I had it in my mind that you were ex artillery.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your comp as I'm making a push on my AB prussian landwehr. I am on the last battalion on one regiment and have only a couple of battalions to do on a 2nd regiment which will be my final regiment.

Good luck with the painting service!