Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Painting Day

Hello and a happy Easter to everyone! this weekend my 1 in 3 fell lucky and I landed with Easter weekend off. Mai and I have been busy since Friday and will be again tomorrow so today Mai allowed me a free day. Young David and I arranged a long overdue painting session and late last night I cleared an area for us to get started, here is a wee video of our finished efforts

and some pics below:

David decided to continue from where he left off last time cracking on with his Vistula lancers finishing 5 more with only the mounted officer to go.

David says the figures are not as sharp in detail as the later AB guard lancer figures he has on the go however he's managing to give them a good paint job, my personal favourite is the trumpeter.

I battered on with my 3rd battalion for the 6th Silesian landwehr. I had already done the base shades on a good number of them so I had a decent head start and managed to get 8 finished today. sorry for the pics quality!

The troops are still to be varnished but I think you can see them coming together. The detail around the neck and collar on the above figures was pretty rough in areas and was tricky to paint.

Shades haven't came out great in the pics again but again I think you can see where they are heading.

This figure pose seems to have a problem on his left eye so in each battalion these guys end up wearing a bloody bandage.

And another group of 4 that I took to a good point the other night. About half an hours work and they will be finished. So that's 8 finished and ready to be varnished and 4 very close to being finished.
So only 8 to go and the battalion is finished . . . yes!!!

We had a great day chewing the fat, bouncing painting ideas around, talking naps and other wargames stuff. Not sure when we'll get another one in with my daft schedule so we enjoyed it when we got the chance.

Happy Easter!!!


Panzer Kaput said...

Very nicely done the pair of you

DeanM said...

Great looking troops WIP, Paul. Happy Easter!

Rodger said...

They look lovely Paul! What a cool way to spend some time, hard to beat!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Great work from the two of you!
I have a unit of Vistula Lancers needing to get to the painting table too.

Happy Easter!

Matt said...

Two of my favourite Napoleonic units, the Silesian Landwehr remind me so much of my Airfix figures and the Vistula Legion look so much better than standard Imperial Guard Lancers!

warpaintjj said...

Happy Easter, hope you managed to scoff some choccies too?
Best wishes

John (VonBlucher) said...

Happy Easter Paul!!

Great looking units so far, and young David looks to be the rising star in the family.

Craig, I confirmed the other day that the lead horses in a six horse Prussian limber team's ropes were attached to the front of the collars of the horses behind them.

Vasiliy Levashov said...

Happy Easter, Paul!

Awesome work.

Rupert Lane said...

Keep plugging away Paul - going to look great...!

paulalba said...

Cheers Rupert all the best!

paulalba said...

Thanks PK!

paulalba said...

Thanks Dean, all the best to you and yours, Happy Easter!

paulalba said...

Thanks Rodger, one of those perfect days good weather, company activity and nice food at the end of the day plus a couple of nice films later on!

paulalba said...

Thanks Jonathan happy easter to you to! The vistula lancers are a very attractiv looking unit.

paulalba said...

Happy Easter Vasiliy! Hope you had a good one over in St. Petersburg!

paulalba said...

Thanks Heremy,
Happy Easter To you buddy!
Mai and I shared a Lindt chocolate egg, I'm meant to be keeping the carbs down but have no will power!

paulalba said...

Great to heard tom you Natt, I had the same memory with the figure who has the bandage on his left eye. Have a good 1!

paulalba said...

Thanks John,
Happy Easter to you and yours.
I managed to get an email to you this morning, I hope you had a nice time.

Yeah young David is an excellent painter. He's away a lot with work so hasn't had a great deal of time in the naps but his FOW armies and 10mm ww2 as well as 40k are impressive.

David Snr is jumping between Zulus and waterloo OG Brits.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent painting Paul and have a great Easter!!!

paulalba said...

Cheers Ray,
Happy Easter to you and yours!

SteveH said...

Happy Easter Paul!

sounds like a perfect day of hobby to me! the Vistula look great! and i'm looking forward to seeing the finished Prussian battalion!

paulalba said...

Thanks Steve,
Happy Easter to you and yours!

Dan said...

Hi paulalba, please contact me on

paulalba said...

Thanks Dan, Email sent Dan!