Friday, 10 March 2017

Silesian Grenadiers Finished

Another quick post, with the Falkirk lads hoping to put on another refight of Waterloo this year I used the excitement to push on with a number of almost completed Prussian items that I've had sitting around (even if some in reality were not present at Waterloo, I hoped they could maybe slip in as substitutes in some form or another).

1st I managed to finish off a Silesian grenadier battalion that ground to a halt sometime last year. A bit of fatigue set in after painting a few Prussian items in a row.

Finishing this grenadier battalion ties up the 1st and 2nd silesian regiments together for me with only volunteer jager and maybe a third rank group of skirmishers to be added. 

I completed my 2nd silesian regiment with Minifigs 2nd generation figures many moons ago and the 1st regiment with AB figures so it's good to get the grenadiers ticked off as well.

I have also been clearing out my Prussian command figures. I did a couple of Prussian adjutants. Should come in handy at some point. 

This wee guy is probably my favourite as the horse came out nice.  The Vallejo hull red and Cavalry brown combine well to make horse colours straight forward. Made this 1 a bay, at least I think that's what it is. 😆

Happy how the cavalry adjutant came out too, probably more for the 1813 period but what does it matter.

I've also been working on Yorck plus a Blucher for 1813 and another couple of commands. However I just recently got the message that the Waterloo game may not actually go ahead so I've slipped off the Prussian wave again. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and making good progress with their projects.  Thanks very much for all the kind, encouraging comments I've received online.

All the best
Happy Wargaming!!!


fireymonkeyboy said...

Lovely as always.


Jonathan Freitag said...

I wish I could paint like you! Simply stunning work!

Stryker said...

More superb work Paul - let's hope they do get to see action at Waterloo!

Rupert Lane said...

Glorious! Great work.

Sgt Steiner said...

You are pouring on the hurt !!! :-)

Sergiuss A said...

Great work! Cool!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yet more superb work Paul!


Michael Mills said...

Right up to you usual wonderful standards Paul!

Chasseur said...

Excellent work! :)

paulalba said...

Thanks very much Chasseur!

paulalba said...

Thanks very much Millsy!

paulalba said...

Thanks very much Christopher!

paulalba said...

Thank you very much Sergiuss!!!

paulalba said...

I try 😊

paulalba said...

Thanks very much Ru!!!

paulalba said...

Thanks Ian, would be nice.

paulalba said...

Very Kind Jonathan, I'm sure you alread the do buddy.

paulalba said...

Thanks very much FMB!

Phil said...

Awesome job, I agree with you for the mix of colors on the horse, excellent!

paulalba said...

Thanks very much Phil, glad you like them buddy. Hope you and yer group are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Paul, keep them coming

Colbourne said...

Great looking figures as always Paul!

Anonymous said...

More worthy additions.

The button counter in me loves that half of the grenadiers in a battalion have one colour for their shoulder straps while the other half uses a differing colour. I can certainly relate to a project going stale. Congratulations for completing the battalion.

The adjutant in the shako for some reason reminds we of the Almark Publications "The Prussian Army 1808=1815" by David Nash. I found the book in a local bookshop over here in NZ when I was still in college and starting my first Prussian army. What were the chances of such a book all those decades ago in small city NZ?! I poured over that book for hours at a time. Happy days. I've still got the book though the spine has totally gone and it is now a collection of loose leaves! The shako ornamentation is great for the Prussians. It's a shame they had a habit of covering it all up. I'd love a quality similar figure in 28mm.

The cavalry uniformed adjutant is great too.

von Peter himself

OmniJackal said...

I been reading this blog for like a year now. When I found it I was like hey these are pretty effing sweet models. Then my eye twitched and whispered to me "hey guy, you're of prussian descent". My other eye exploded and I purchased a unit of Hussars from AB to set about doing 1. leib before they were assholes. But I kept reading your site and this single unit has turned into an all out army with a very large purchase of AB a couple nights ago. I first wanted to thank you for placing this bug inside me and will be using a lot of your work for my own inspiration. Your bases namely are better than anyone elses I see and I picked up the same stuff from warbases uk.

I do have a question though. I don't know jack shit about rules or any of that fancy crap so ended up finding a hardbound copy of Lasalle and am basing for that. I was curious why all of your horse units have 8 bases? Everything I bought is going to be 4 bases except for the two units of cuirlongwordicantspellyet which Lasalle suggested be built as large units with 6 bases. What rules are you using? Why? Am I doing it right so far? I'm glad I don't have a wife or kids because it would cut into my gawking and learning time.

Lastly, I have picked up copies of Prussian Army David Nash, 1813 Leipzig Digby Smith, and Prussian Army to 1815 Digby Smith. As that pretty much the majority or reading I'll need?

THANKS! Gorgeous work you do. Keep inspiring and I'll keep reading.

Ben, total nap noob

PS - I bought all the prussian flags sold by Fighting 15s and GMB and I think another company. One of the companies was offering 2nd battalion flags. Wtf is that and do I need them?

paulalba said...

Hi OK,
Glad you lik3 my efforts, sorry to push you in the direction of spending what sounds like a lot of cash at Fighting 15's. I hope your troops bring you a lot of enjoyment!!!

Mine are based for GdB 1:20 figures. Most of the Prussian full strengths are around 24 figure regiments but the Leib hussars I think for 1813 was even larger, I was a little lazy with mine and stuck at 24.

Book wise the ones you have are good, theRe are always more 🤗 the ospreys are good on the light,line, landwehr/reserve, cavalry nice illustrations and info but not a huge amount of illustrations. You should get them cheap off amazon or ebay 2nd hand. Dr Stephen Summerfield did a few brilliant books on prussians that are out of print. He's working on them at the moment for Ken Trotman publishing.

Gmb flags are really nice.

The Prussian 2nd battalion flags. The regular regiments have 1 fusilier battalion (no flag) and 2 musketeer battalions, so each musketeer battalion has a flag.

Nothing wrong with being a noon, we are all learning buddy.

Kind get your troops online so we can see them!!!

There is an excellent facebook group. The napoleonic wargamer. Very friendly, helpful.

OmniJackal said...

Thanks for the info. Very interesting with the 24 fig units. I'm doing units of 12 horse on 4 bases and units of 32 foot on 4 bases. I thought the scale I'm in was skirmish but I dunno. Not attached to any rules yet so I just wanted to base what looked nice and would be most compatible. 40mm x 30mm bases for everything except skirmishers and generals.

paulalba said...

Sorry, you mentioned cavalry. My Prussian infantry full strength are mostly 32s. Rifle battalion 24. Some Grenadiers were more than 32 bu5 again I'm lazy. Cavalry are 24. 40mmx30mm for prussians.

French 36man battalions, 30mm x 30m bases x 6

OmniJackal said...

Ok so do I have my unit breakdowns right? One figure is about 20 men. A base with eight figures on it is a company. Four bases is a battalion. Two to three battalions is a regiment. With horse would the squadron be one base or the four bases? So your gorgeous Leib hussars (the unit that I was so impressed with it almost single handedly triggered my entire AB and GdB purchase)is a regiment of two squadrons?

I hope you don't mind questions because your collection is essentially the bar I have set for myself in terms of quality. If I can come even close to the quality of your army I'll be happy with my own adventure. I've never studied a war or period that had so much information available yet still be so obscure in some areas.

Last bit so you know what I'm up to. I found a hard copy of Lasalle and really like the pick up game and quick play of it. I also like the no nonsense straight forward basing. After I realized you based for GdB I got it and all of its scenario books. I can see myself liking these rules more for the realism but Lasalle more for the simplicity and both deserve a spot on my shelf. The only thing I'm not understanding is your horse units are twice the size of Lasalle ones. But I figure if I base for GdB then everything should be playable in Lasalle.

Found your youtube and subbed there too. Thanks :)

paulalba said...

Hi, my goodness you've been busy. I always feel a little embarrassed if someone spends money with companies if in any way inspired through figures I paint. I hope your enthusiasm was received well by the companies you spent money with!

Yes you are heading in the right direction with everything. Gdb is 1:20, I don't know what lasalle works on but with gdb you will see that mostly each base is a company/squadron making a battalion/cav regiment. There are exceptions to this like the British as some times are done 2 companies to a base.

I'm guessing that lasalle works with a different ratio and that is why your cavalry are small units. I'm sure that if you base for Gdb they will work well in lasalle to.

I'd ask on either tmp or the napoleonic wargamer on facebook group for conformation.

Since you have the rules and scenario books for Gdb you have OOB in them for specific units and brigades for you to follow. They will be able to cross over to lasalle using the lasalle ratio.

No problems with the questions. I am not a great wargamer myself, just enjoy collecting and painting the troops.

If you have other questions you can find my email in my blogger profile.

Best wishes for your collection.


OmniJackal said...

Ok I think I'm finally done spending money for now.
Total haul is

x3 Battalion Musketeer
x3 Battalion Landwehr
x2 Battalion Reservist
x2 Battalion Fusilier
x1 Regiment Hussars
x1 Regiment Cuirassiers
x1 Regiment Dragoons
x1 Regiment Uhlans
x8 6pdr and crew
x4 7pdr howitzer and crew
x4 12pdr and crew

French Imperial Guard
x6 Battalion Young Guard
x3 Battalion Young Guard Voltegeurs
x4 Battalion Old Guard Grenadiers
x4 Battalion Old Guard Cuirassiers
x1 Regiment Hussar
x1 Regiment Guard Grenadier a Cheval
x1 Regiment Empress Dragoon
x1 Regiment Carabinier
x1 Regiment Guard Lancers
x9 6pdr with crew
x3 howitzer with crew
x3 12pdr with crew

GdB and all scenario books

And there's more stuff I'm forgetting. Infantry are 32 foot and Cavalry are 24 horse except for the Prussian Cuirassiers which are 36. All figures are AB. Mainly just got the units I needed to play Lasalle but what do most people do for their hardcore collections? Build units they were interested in? Start at 1 and work their way down? Build specific divisions/regiments for specific battles? I also got all the flags I needed for both armies from multiple manufacturers so I can compare quality.

Your blog just put me over $2000usd in the hole lol.

paulalba said...

Well buddy I hope you enjoy painting and gaming with them. Let us all see your progress either through youtube, blogger, Facebook or another source!

OmniJackal said...

Me again sorry if I'm being a bother. I found one of your youtube videos from 2 years ago where you review the Landwehr book by Dr. Stephen Summerfield. Can't find the book anywhere to purchase but I did manage to find a download link that Dr. Summerfield uploaded to an academia website as a PDF. Thought I'd drop it off here in case your readers were in the same situation I am in.

paulalba said...

Nice spot, I understand that Stephen is going to working towards another book on Prussian landwehr. An update of his original with additional information in areas.

CAP said...

I no longer find adjectives to describe your miniatures. They are incomparable, magnificent. From painting to staging I have not seen better on the many wargame websites I visit. Again, congratulations from the distant Argentine Republic. Carlos

paulalba said...

Carlo you are far, far to kind!!! I very much appreciate your encouragement!!!