Thursday, 15 October 2009

My 1st Young Guard

I bought a load of Old Glory figures in the bring and buy sale at Falkirk Wargame Show (excellent show) a couple of years ago and this is the 1st battalion I finished.

I hadn't seen many Old Glory figures before and had heard mixed reports about them in the past but these guys I really liked.

There were loads of different poses in the pack and the detail looks really good to me and I found them very easy to paint.
I was lucky enough to pick them up in the old larger bags of 100 infantry and 32 cavalry and I am kicking myself that I didn't buy more as the guy selling them had stacks as he was moving from 15mm onto 28mm Napoleonic. I believe the Old Glory figures were sculpted by different people and I guess that is why you get mixed opinions from other wargamers? Price wise these guys were perfect at £10 for 100 figures! Bargain!!


Stryker said...

Hi - I only found your blog today and have spent an enjoyable half-hour looking through the posts. I have a 20mm Napoleonic 'nostalgia project' on the go but have recently been diverted into completing a 15mm Warerloo project begun in the early 80s'. This has mostly involved rebasing my old Minifigs and it's great to see so many of these same figures in your collecton. Your figures are however beautifully painted whilst mine are, shall I say, 'retro' block-painted! Great blog...


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Glad you like the blog and thanks for the kind words. I have had a good look around your blog and it's really impressive. I have to say I haven't ever heard of Hinton Hunt figures but I can appreciate why you are collecting them. You have a great collection there.
Paul P