Wednesday, 30 September 2009

French Horse Artillery

I always think what really makes a wargames table is the little extra equipment and details that people add like caissons and limbers
My brother David took the notion this year to get some of our old Minifigs eye candy finished up to accompany his horse artillery batteries.
This is my personal favourite, the caisson all based up ready and waiting that double 1 to be rolled.
I really like the limbers too. We have a soft spot for the old Minifigs range as you could get almost everything for the Napoleonic period. When they are done well, they really look the part on the table. David has based this limber on a hardwood base he cut himself and has magnetic strip underneath for storage.


Peeler said...

Nice one, good to see MiniFigs on the go again!

Caliban said...

Hi Paul, these are lovely. Thought I should pop over and link in after I saw your profile on my blog - only courteous!

Keep up the good work

Other Paul

paulalba said...

Thanks guys, glad you like the blog. Great work on your blogs too. Love the painting.
Paul P