Tuesday, 22 September 2009

British Minifigs

I had managed to paint up quite a few British all those years ago but again not as many as is required for the General de Brigade rules so I had to go scrounging around again.

For the officers I managed to raid our spares box and converted some Belgians and to finish them off I added some Revo flags.

The Scots Greys were all finished off if not low in numbers so it was just a case of getting them based up.

The 95th rifles here are a mix of Minifigs and also Lancashire Games (I think?)

The Highland Light Infantry was a unit I really enjoyed painting as a boy and it was nice to get it based up and onto the wargames table again. (I have the 2 flag poles being carried in the unit but I don't believe the HLI carried their flags into battle during the Napoleonic war. Unfortunately it is too late to change them now). Thanks again to Chris, David C and Robert for help fill out the ranks of our units.

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