Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Prussian Minifigs

At last a full regiment finished!!!

Well there has to be some sort of record for the length of time someone takes from buying figures to actually completing them and these guys must be in with a shout for that record?

(I bought these guys when I was 17 years of age and just finishing high school and I completed them this week, I am now 36!!!)

To give you a little bit of background my brother started collecting French Minifigs when I was a lad so as soon as I was able to paint half decent I decided that I would collect the Allies. We painted a good amount but after trying out some rules we got fed up and decided to knock it on the head (I think I managed 24 Prussians in total?)

So the figures sat up in my brothers loft with the occasional dusting off for a look until last year when we got introduced to Napoleonics again through some guys at the Motherwell Wargames Club and out they came again. We have been using the General de Brigade rules so I had to do some searching to make the figures up to 32 man battalions but I got there in the end.

I still have a stack of cavalry to work through but they are in smaller batches of 15-20 and since I have loads of Old Glory cavalry to paint I will just be making do with the numbers I have. This little force will be getting handed over to my nephew Ian when he is old enough to look after them (and hoping he still has an interest in wargaming!)

So that's my 11th/2nd Silesian infantry regiment finished. I had to do some head swaps and some conversion work but I am glad the way they turned out. I have to say I enjoyed doing these guys much more than any AB or Old Glory units I have painted and now that I have them finished I actually feel that I have achieved something! Must just be the nostalgia I guess? Thanks to Robert for helping get this little force together.

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Tom C said...

You even make minifigs look good!