Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Davids Cuirassiers

So I was getting used to fighting small Minifigs cavalry units with my British and Prussians and although David and I had discussed our need for more cavalry it still came as a big surprise when David rattled through a 24 man Battle Honours cuirassier regiment! And you can imagine how devastated I was when a 2nd appeared within a week!!

As you would guess they have been taking a heavy tole on our Allied cavalry over the past year but they are really nice to look at.

They did however fall under the wargamers unwritten rule of "newly painted figures tend to get duffed over 1st time out". With some really lucky rolling by myself my Prussian artillery whittled away at them before they were minced by a Prussian Dragoon regiment.

Ahh those were good times!!!

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