Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Casualty Markers

The casualty markers are just a little eye candy for the gaming table to save using dice. I got the initial idea from a 28mm wargames site http://befreiungskriege.wordpress.com/

These Minifigs casualties were a little bit of a brain wave that just goes to show that the little thoughts us wargamers have of "I am sure I will find a use for those some day" actually can come true! Even after around 20 years, so keep a hold of that lead pile! A big thanks to my friend Chris for putting the idea of what to do with these guys in my head!

So here is the back story:
When I was still at high school my friends and I discovered a little oasis on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh called Macs Models. We spent many a Saturday afternoon (and many a pound) in this wonderful little shop. It really was a great place filled wall to wall with little gems.

So it was a sad time when Mac told us he was selling off his stock and was going to fill the shop with swords and the like (not a total loss then!). Shocked by the news I made an offer for the rest of the 15mm Minifigs in stock and ended up with a load of mostly useless lead that sat about in my parents loft for a very long time.

Anyway a few months back I had been searching through the many packs of different artillery riders I had picked up in the stock sale wondering again what possessed me to buy them and a day or 2 later at our Tuesday night Chris happened to mention he was having problems finding casualty figures for his Bavarians and PING an idea was born! I had Bavarians, Prussians, British in belgic and stove pipe, Austrians and many, many more in stock. A little bending of the legs, arms and heads and shazam . . . perfect casualties and they look great!! I even think the Minifigs casualty figures are better for the job than the Old Glory ones above!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ah, Macs Models - I remember it well... used to pop in every time I was up visiting my Dad..

paulalba said...

Hi Steve, yeah it was a great little shop not so many like that around nowadays.