Thursday, 5 November 2009

Prussian Command 2

I finally feel as though I am starting to get my little army together. I've been clearing a load of the figures I've had nearly finished for a while from my workbench and it feels good!

This is my 1st main command base and I was aiming to make it Bulow (if anyone can see a problem with that let me know). I used a mix of Old Glory and Battle Honours figures and a little gun from the spares box (cheers Chris). I snipped off the cap of the ADC and replaced it with a plastic card and miliput bicorne and also did a little work to the saddles. I wish now I had filed down the fancy red one and made it the fur type.

My 1st cavalry command base finished. Lithuanian and West Prussian Dragoon officers and a cavalry general. I have the West Prussian regiment completed and I've started cleaning up the Lithuanians. All the figures are from Old Glory and I picked them up from TimeCast down in England.


Andy McMaster said...

Nice figures. Just starting later Prussians in 6mm myself. Look forward to following your progress.


paulalba said...

I Andy, Glad you like them. Prussians in 6mm my eyes would give up the ghost. I'll look out for them.