Friday, 6 November 2009

More Prussians

This is the last of my current workbench items I have finished and it was great to get them all polished off.

My First Guard Battalion: I decided it was about time I had some Prussian Guard and I wanted to make them look a little different from my regular line battalions. As luck would have it I had seen at TimeCast that there was a set of Prussians advancing they had just begun to stock that were different from the other Old Glory Prussians I had purchased. These guys actually ended up as West Prussian Grenadiers with a different flag!

It was a coincidence someone had posted some on ebay so I didn't need to buy a full pack, also I notice some AB figures listed as well in similar poses. I worked out that there was enough for 2 battalions if I mixed the sets and with a few charging guys added in I would have a fusilier battalion to complete the regiment. Thankfully I won both auctions at low prices and set to work. I decided to add mounted officers to each battalion and have lightened the uniforms a bit more than my other units to help them stand out.

These are a real monkey off my back, it seems as if I've had them sitting around forever. I must admit I lost interest in them as they just seemed so dark. When I varnished them the highlights just disappeared. However with the grass around them they look fine.

I actually really enjoyed doing the volunteer jager for my regiments so it must be the dark facings as well as the uniforms that put me off these guys? The main thing is they are finished and I don't have to paint them again!

My 1st Horse Battery: I know they probably should have the cavalry coat on but as far as I know Old Glory don't do horse battery figures so I figured it could be sunbathing weather!

I did a little bit of converting with Milliput and my scalpel to give them the proper overalls and painted the bedroll blue with the white belting. I think they'll pass as horse artillery?

These are actually the guns I painted for my foot battery and I switched them as the ones I did for these guys had more detailed barrels and looked slightly heavier. I figured the horse battery would be slightly lighter looking? (nonsense I know but that was my thinking :-). Stuart had the barrels spare and very kindly passed them onto me, I think they are from AB or Battle Honours? Cheers Stuart.


Andy McMaster said...

They're nice!

What paint do you use for the Prussian uniform blue?


paulalba said...

Hi Andy,
I use my old trusty Humbrol acrylic Prussian blue.Black undercoat then I mix it with black, then put it on straight for the main areas then blue with a little mid grey mixed. For my landwher I am trying out some different colours and shades.
cheers Paul

Stryker said...

Hi Paul

They really do look superb! I agree that AB Figures are the "bees knees" for Napoleonics but they are a bit bigger than most other makes and pricey with it.


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your encouraging words. Yeah it would be great to be able to afford AB figures to swell out all my units!