Thursday, 24 June 2010

ACW 10mm

I'm taking a break from Napoleonics at the moment and have shocked myself by going smaller!

As you will see not all are finished off but as these are my 1st 10mm figures I just wanted to make a record of how they are coming along. The figures are all Pendraken and the guns in this lot (I already had sitting stuck together) came along in a big bag of 10mm ACW stuff my brother David picked up at Falkirk last year for £2 (bargain!) there are loads of casualties plus nice limbers and guns.

When John M and Jon B appeared at our local club last year with loads of wee armies in 10mm I could feel that urge to go out and buy something new coming on! However my brother David had already 2 very nice 15mm ACW armies built up and in the club 15mm was the scale the guys were using so there seemed no point.

Anyway JP has now put together a Union army in 10mm so I decided it was time to see if my eyes could manage the tiny detail. I picked up my little ACW order last Saturday at wappenshaw and got busy organising them into their units.

This is my unmounted cavalry with a little bit of conversion work (making wee alterations is where I get the most fun). I thinned down the guns to the cavalry style too.

I had some spare horses so decided to use them in the cavalry unit to add a little more interest.

I messed myself up by opening a new tub of black paint and it turned out glossy, So I had to matt varnish the figures before starting to detail this unit. killer

My 1st command base with dispatch rider holding his horse ready to bolt off carrying orders. He is a standard bearer from the command set.

All in all I am getting a lot of fun painting up this little army. Very nice figures from Pendraken with a lot more detail than I was expecting for such a small scale!

A couple of the pics are out of focus, sorry.


Rudy said...

Those are very nice looking figs, more so taking into account there's 10 mm. Good job!

paulalba said...

Thanks Rudy, I never thought I would be building a 10mm army. Very nice little figure to paint. Nice blogs you have there.
Thanks for the comment.
Best regards

LittleArmies said...

Super little figures - I originally tried ACW in 10mm but was appalled at the figures I'd got from Old Dominion in America, and switched to 15mm for my project. But I think if I'd seen the Pendraken figures in the flesh at the time I'd have gone for them in a big way.

I still have a lot of 10mm buildings that I use for ACW.

paulalba said...

I know the feeling,
My 1st 10mm ACW I picked up at a show were really skinny and put me off till I was put onto Pendraken.

Great looking blog by the way!