Saturday, 5 June 2010

Something Completely Different

Well my naps painting has ground to a total halt at the moment mainly because we haven't played it at the club for a good while.

Also I have been busy with a few distractions (gardening and the lovely weather) but my main distraction has been these little devils. I have had a small mountain of Subbuteo teams, goals and all kinds of accessories in my parents loft for many years.

I have been shifting my old toys through ebay (in order to give me some pocket money for more AB Napoleonic wee men) and it's been working out pretty well.

It appears that my stash of old Subbuteo teams an accessories is a real winner with the HW and LW collectors and I actually had 1 team go into 3 figures!

Crazy those collector types, you wouldn't catch me filling my house full of wee men. (kettle, black, pot, the, calling rearrange these words to finish off this well known phrase)

Anyway I sold off some painted spectators to a lad in Italy and next thing I know I am painting up a few hundred more for him in his teams colours (AS Roma).

I always wanted to fill up my Subbuteo stadium with painted supporters but never seemed to get the motivation as a lad. I must admit it has been a lot of fun (except for those enamel paints, I forgot how toxic they are). So I now have more pennies to spend on more wee men and the wife has a few nice new things too!!!!! Hopefully I'll get back into my naps soon.


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - very nice but there seems to be a distinct lack of England supporters! Only joking... "come on Scotland!"


Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Gold hidden up in the loft eh? I've got spiders.

Great to have you posting again!



paulalba said...

Thanks for the comments guys,
I have run out of steam on updates at the moment. I am sure I'll be back in the flow in a bit. I have been considering using this blog for all my wargaming and painting projects (just to keep it altogether). I know lots of other people do it.