Sunday, 8 August 2010

Friedland 1807 part2

So down to part deux or dva if you are Russian

Some more lovely AB figures and guns.

It's great to see the earlier AB French figures getting a run out as all the figures in our collection have the shako.

A close up of the Russian weak left wing.

The Russian commander for the day was Robert

Robert has started using washes for speed when painting his Russians and they look the part. I tried it on some horses and just couldn't get it to work :-(

The French cavalry making their push to take the main Russian held village.

And the Russian CnC taking control of the defence.

I believe this is Bagration? (correct me if I am wrong guys) I will have to take a good look at the Fantassin Russian commanders I bought as these look really nice when painted up. I had them selected for punting on ebay!

The French objective for the day: This is what I need, some nice looking terrain for my battlefields.

I picked up a couple of buildings on Saturday and I will also try and make some myself since I now have the size and style to copy

The Russian centre: I have a couple of AB Pavlov battalions myself to paint up and hopefully they will look as good as these when finished.

I think everyone has a soft spot for the Pavlov's as their shiny gold mitre stands out really well amongst all the shakos.

Another future purchase for myself some artillery limbers but mine will be in the late war uniform.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to pick them up before VAT goes to 20%! 20 bloody per cent what is the country coming too?

Possibly the only Minifigs on the table? The more animated castings of the 3rd series I think? In the end the battle was fought to a draw!

Thought I would end with Lasalle, he was riding past just off shot in 1 of my pictures. Pretty hard to miss him!
I have got to get me some red trousers!

French : Billy
Russians : Robert
Villages : RGary, Peter and Robert
Hex Terrain : Billy S (now I know what happens to indoor five-a-side footballs when they die, their soul may be gone but their bodies live on as battlefields across the land)


Giles said...

Great pics, Paul!

Best wishes


paulalba said...

Hi Giles,
Glad you like them, The guys put on an excellent looking game!
Awe ra best