Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Wife climbs her 1st Scottish hill!

Well I had planned to put some pictures up of my recently finished AB Russians but our little pink camera decided to take a funny turn mid way through our annual leave so until I get it fixed here are some pics of my wife scaling her 1st Scottish Hill "Tinto Hill" near Biggar in South Lanarkshire.

We have both been pretty concerned about our lack of exercise and the extra weight we have picked up over the past year and we decided to do something about it!

It has been a bit harder for Mai to keep healthy in Scotland as when you have lived most of your life in a hot country the thought of getting yourself out and doing exercise in a country that laughs in the face of sunshine must put shivers down your spine. However she is now getting used to the climate and is now keen to take on the world. Tinto is a hill that I have climbed up pretty much every year from childhood (school outings, Easter Sunday and family fun days have seen us meandering up it). When you live close by it becomes part of your mentality

I'm well proud of Mai as she really got into it in a big way. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to see so many people up on the old hill and it was great to see the sense of achievement (relief) on Mai's face when she made it to the top at last! What a class act, she took a little makeup bag and mirror in her backpack, I nearly died laughing.

And the best bit, snack time at the top. There is nothing quite like a garlic sausage sandwich, a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate after a long hill walk.

Tinto didn't fail to live up to its reputation of always being mega windy when you reach the top. In all the years I have been going up Tinto up top it's blowing a gale!

The best bit running down, We had some kids hot on our heels so we decide they "would not pass". All good fun (as the kids were totally oblivious to our little race!) and we really got a sweat up.

The next couple of days our legs were wasted, Brilliant!!!!!!!!


Ken said...

Good idea Paul, and you get fit as well as have a good time. Mind you that is a very stoney looking hill!

The kids have dragged me to the beach a few times over the holidays (we live close to the sea). We made the bit extra effort to walk to the dog free part of the beach - otherwise the sandcastles are guarenteed to be peeded upon.

Me and the son just got back this afternnon from the Border Reviers wargames show in Newcastle. Not as large as Vrapantak in York but still enjoyed walking around and chatting to the gamers.



paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for your comment.

My brother and I intent to go to the Newcastle show next year (fingers crossed everything goes smooth).

Maybe bump into you there?


Ken said...

Sure thing - just get in touch nearer the time