Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bavarian Workbench 3

I thought it was about time I done a little brigade command for my Bavarians and I was needing a new avatar and since I have been reading "A soldier for Napoleon" written from the letters of Lieutenant Hausmann of the 7th infantry to his mother and father throughout the napoleonic period I decided to do Lt. Hausmann and Generalmajor Beckers. The base still needs grass added but it is pretty much compete.
So this is Franz, he's an AB Saxon mounted officer with a Bavarian head swap and sash added (I'm really happy with the sash) and epaulettes removed. General Becker was a bit more complicated with bicorne and details, cloak, fur on saddle and cuffs to his boots added with green stuff to hide he was once an Austrian mounted officer. I'm not sure on the greatcoat/jacket as it probably should be double breasted but I figured it could be a personal item for campaign?

I'm working my way through light infantry butler at the moment and have a Russian foot battery just needing a few hours to finish it but I fancied doing some Bavarians.

Books: I have a little question regarding a book, a friend in the US picked up "With Eagles to Glory" for me (cheers T) and I am really enjoying it and I was planning on buying "Thunder on the Danube" by John Gill also. Is "Thunder on the Danube" a series of 3 books? I see on Amazon there seems to be 3 parts. Any help would be most appreciated




Rosbif said...

Wow! Brilliant conversions, Paul! You can't tell they weren't sculpted like that.

paulalba said...

Thanks Rosbif,
That's the little bit of our hobby I love most is making little conversions of figures to make them look unique to myself. Glad you like them.
Many thanks for your comment.Cheers

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice!Really crisp painting.


Ed said...

Very nice, and yes Thunder on the Danube is 3 volumes--and worth every penny!


Ken said...

Nice conversion,seamless in fact. How long did it take?

I used to convert loads of plastic 1/72 figures, never tried metal. Although I added a spear replace a broken landwehrs lance!

Great work keep it up!



paulalba said...

Thanks guys,
Hi Christopher,
Thanks I am trying to keep them nice and crisp as I am not always using as much shading as I would like.

Hi Ed, That is a big help, I will pick the 3 of them up thanks.

Hi Ken,
Cheers, Not sure how this 1 took. This is a very comfortable conversion for the mind as no figures are wasted as it's a straight head for head. I sized up the heads before chopping. I just used a very sharpe blade between the collar and head all round until they are weak enough to softly break then I clean them up and start drilling out the heads and knecks. I incert a cut paper clip and leave to dry then tidy up with green stuff. The sash is he only thing that takes time as you have to wait for the green stuff to dry before adding more.
Many thanks again