Sunday, 2 January 2011

Napoleonic trade anyone?

So the new year has begun and over the holidays I have been having a think and have had a few idea's.

Over 2010 I have slowly been getting shot of bits from my lead mountain (through ebay) that I know I will definately never paint. However I was looking through my stash and I still have a very large amount of 25mm and 28mm (unpainted, painted and part painted) and the thought of photographing them all and sticking them on ebay is a little off putting.

Still the fact is I just don't have the space for them and I know of 2 people who live within 30miles who are into 28mm (but game in 15mm!), almost everyone I know prefers or only has the space to game in 15mm or smaller!

Anyway I came up with a possible idea: I will now only be gaming in 15mm naps and mostly I collect AB (and maybe also battle honours) so I was wondering if there was anyone out there going in the other direction jumping up to 28mm from 15mm? And if so would you be interested in a swap?

I have 28mm Essex, Elite (old and new) and Foundry figures. I have British (stove pipe and belgic), Prussians, French, Austrian and some Russians. Some are in full battalions, squadrons, batteries and also some are loose figures. I have infantry, artillery (limbers too) and cavalry (some of the figures are painted to a good wargames standard and others are undercoated, army paintered and highlighted). Most are late war.

If you would by any chance have 15mm AB's (or battle honours) of any nation that you would like to trade drop me an email: and tell me what nations and type you are interested in and maybe we can help each other out. If we have a possible trade I would be happy to take some pictures for you.

So I hope some of you guys in the Naps world are in the same position as myself and would like to make a swap. (Also if you are interested in buying any I have a paypal account so no probs there either).


Well I am glad to say I managed to get 2 swaps for some of my big Naps. I was able to exchange my 28mm Elite French for a similar amount of 15mm AB Russian and French helping me tie up a few loose ends with my Russians and boost my own AB French troops as well as my brothers BH French and I believe the gentleman is very happy with the swap too (so a really good deal for us both). Also the D man was needing some more 25mm naps so I was able to pass some Essex French and British his way in exchange for some Xyston spartans (another future project, please don't ask).

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