Friday, 10 June 2011

Philippines 1

Well sadly that's us back from the philippines and back to work, the 3 weeks disappeared fast but thankfully we got the chance to have some fun!

The last time I was over was 2006 and the kids are all growing up fast.

We planned to go later in the year but Jim and Mina (already married almost 2 years ago!) decided to have their church wedding in May and as best man I had to be there. Try making a full room of Filipinos laugh at your best man speech when you have a thick Scottish accent! (I'm sure everyone in the room had a strong grasp of English but I do not!!!)

And the picture that proves that not only am I younger and better looking than my wife,
I'm also a better dancer ;-)

The Santa Cruz de Mayo, A religious celebration held each night during the month of May for the children of each barangy (mini council area).

This is my goddaughter Angel, the last time I saw her she was a baby and now she speaks perfect English (favourite fraze "Smack Down"). The kids watch far to much wrestling!!!

Some boating fun down at Raphaels Farm (our new neighbour).

Marky challenged me to a sumo fight off (I kicked his ass!!)

We didn't have much rain but when it did rain WOW!!!
This is a world famous Jeepney.

We also made some new friends on our travels.
This is Colin and Delia (lovely people) with Jim, Mina, Mylene and myself.

Roger as I know you love cats this 1 is for you buddy, When we were sitting in the garden late at night enjoying our chilled beers little visitors would drop by from time to time.


Ray Rousell said...

Looks like you had a great time, fancy beating that poor little kid up!!!!

The Angry Lurker said...

Good pics, looks like you had a good time, back to work blues now.

kingsleypark said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Paul! That rain is almost as bad as we get in Scotland!

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. I haven't been to the Philippines in fifteen years. I was born there - the image of the Jeepney induced severe flashbacks. You have wonderful children and grandchildren.

MiniMike said...

Nice pics Paul, I'm sure the glass of wine helped you through the speech...Been there on holidays in 2003 or so and this is the number one place I want to get back to. All the islands, beautiful beaches and great diving. If it only wasn't a 20 hours journey. Now back to work :-(

Rosbif said...

Welcome back, Paul. At least you're not returning to a Scottish winter!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

O.K. vacations over, back to I mean work

Ken said...

Welcome back Paul, sounds like you had a really great time!



Stryker said...

Hi Paul - looks like you had a great trip. Really like the highland dancing pic!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the comments guys, I have been a little burned out and haven't really thought about getting back into the blog (too much Red Horse and fatty food). Also just getting into the swing of my new shift pattern, Not bad but away for 2 days at times.

Hi Ray and Angry L we had a great time and yes we are both having a come down period, however my wife did return to work to a fantastic welcome with a banner!!! Ray I crushed him like a grape!!!! Revenge for 3 weeks of 6AM wakeup calls of screams Smack down! wrestling! Smack down! My ribs are still bruised!

Hi KP it was just like home when the rain fell (excepted it was roasting) Luckily it only lasted for 20mins then the sun smashed through again.

Hi Mr B,
Didn't know you were a filipino (my wife will be well impressed, Mabuhay, Where are you from?

Hi Michael,
Yip have to agree with you. We haven't actually travelled anywhere other than Tacloban in Leyte and the surrounding area so we don't loose any time with our family as we get such a short time to see everyone.

That was my thought too Rosbif. I could actually wear my sandals and shorts the day after we returned.

Hi Captain R, I'm in limbo with my painting at the moment. I have all all our stuff stacked in my painting space at the moment as the loft gets finished off. It's looking great but the joiners daughter is a local gala queen at the end of June so we are on hold till it's all over with.

Thanks Ken,
Yes we had a great time. It was brilliant to see everyone again. Hopefully it won't be so long till the next time. I tried to post a comment on your blog the other night and it kept bouncing out. Have been struggling with blogger since I returned. Cool looking French cavalry!
Thanks again guys
Best regards

paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Looks like we were typing at the same time!
Yeah it was great. Far too much food and drink though (some would say that's a perfect holiday). There were times when I felt really, really unfit, I don't know if it was the heat, lack of air, beer, food or just the obesity but I tried to run on the beach and in the park and I was goosed! The last time I was over (4 years ago) I was jogging in the morning and also playing badminton and felt fine. I'll really have to pull the finger out! I blame my wife as every time I start to loose weight she gets intimidated by my beauty and finds a way to temp me with junk food ;-)

paulalba said...

I'm getting fed up with blogger, there have been so many cool posts I have tried to post a comment on and for some reason I cannot pot them! my account either cuts and wants me to sign in again or gives me an error message. Is anyone else having any problem?

Docsmith said...

Hi Paul - looks like you had a wonderful holiday - lucky bugger! Hope you made a good impression at the karaoke as the Filipinos are renowned songsters - best in Asia (all the best bands in resorts throughout SE Asia are Filipino).

We couldn't get away last long weekend (Queen's Birthday) because all the planes were grounded due to the Chilaen volcanic ash cloud! Needless to say it was the ideal excuse to paint more figures.

As for Blogger you appear to be another of many who have had problems. Giles at Tarleton's had ongoing problems (and spamming too) as have I - ended up changing browsers but others have just eliminated the cache & cookies to solve the problem.


MiniMike said...

Blogger is a real pain lately. To some it helped to delete internet cache, cookies and temp internet files in your browser options to make it work again. You can try another browser as well. I had the same and removed firefox altogether and did a fresh install to make it work again. Good luck. Michael

paulalba said...

Hi Doc and Michael,
Doc you are right the Filipinos are incredible singers.

My wife is a pretty special singer too and will not try to make it her living. She was offered a singing contract when visiting Canada when she was 18 and was to shy to go for it so far from home.

I'm know expert but when you can sing outside in your garden in the open air with a poor mic and your voice sounds great out on the street she must be good. At 39 Mai recons she is now to old to try for Xfactor etc (I however would like to retire early and paint wee soldiers ;-) SO hopefully 1 day soon she will go for it.

I thought we would have problems with the Icelanic volcanic ash but thankfully it calmed down by the time we were heading home. I tried commenting on your Askari the other night but it just signed out.

Thanks for the tips with blogger. I'll follow them and see how it goes.
Best regards

Gael Ridire/Irish Knight said...

Wow, what a nice holiday, but I'm disappointed, a wedding and no kilt! What kind of Scot are you?