Sunday, 8 May 2011

Collection So Far (1)

This is definitely my last post for a while. A few people have asked to see a picture of how my collection is coming together so I took some pics when photographing my Russian jagers. They were all put in the boxes in a hurry after our last battle so are not in order.

I stupidly forgot to add in my Minifigs Prussian to the pics (4 battalion, artillery battery and jager) but it gives you an idea of where I am at.

Cavalry: Prussian dragoons, cuirassier, Russian cuirassier plus Prussian command. Russian horse limber and some Prussian jager.
Prussian infantry: Silesian jager battalion, West Prussian regiment (3 bts), Pommeranian landwher battalion, 2 reserve battalions, foot battery and 3 command stands.
Prussian Infantry: West Prussian grenadiers, 2 guard battalions
Artillery: Russian horse battery, foot battery and foot limber plus Prussian horse battery.

Bavarians: Kinkel battalion, foot battery, limber and command.
Russians: Line battalion and jager battalion with some WIP cossacks (and some more Prussian jager).

Russian infantry Old Glory: 2 line battalions, 1 jager, 3 grenadier (now 4), 12pdr foot battery and command. I plan to experiment and expand on my Old Glory and Battle Honours Russians. I think I have 8 or 9 battalions, 2 foot batteries of OG and 4 BH still to do. I want to paint them up fast so as I can then move onto my AB Russians. I'll post pics to show how I get on. I have around 30 cossacks, 3 Russian bts, 2 Bavarian bts and a Russian foot battery on the go (cleaned up and undercoated)


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice amount of quality figures.

paulalba said...

Thanks Angry L,
I'm going to try army painter on some OG Russians next month to see how they go. Don't know how it will work on 15mm but our results with 28mm figs has been good. Would like to get a shed more painted for 2012.

John de Terre Neuve said...

Very impressive Paul

kingsleypark said...

Yup lots of good looking figs there Paul!

I've used army painter on 10mm AWI and also on my 15mm Ancients and have been pretty happy with the results. I brush tho, I don't dip!

If this is your last post "for a while" don't stay away too long!

Achilles said...

a beautiful collection!

and a collection that you can actually store in limited space!

what is not to like? !

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Amazing collection,Paul

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Well it looks very orderly to me! Lovely collection!!


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - Really impressive looking armies. Will you be tackling any French in the future (I mean painting not fighting!)?


paulalba said...

Thanks very much guys,
It's took a bit of time as I jump from nation to nation but I'm definitely getting there now.
KP, thanks for the heads up with army painter. I definitely will give it a go on my 15mm OG's.
Achilles , that is why I went for 15mm over 28mm space! Are you back in Japan yet?
Ian I have stacks of AB French for the future to do. 9 line battalions, 2 cuirassier regiments and some chasseur of cheval as well as a lot of command (mostly from swaps thanks to Neil, Bryce, RtL and Simon). Although I would like to get hstuck into them but there is no pressure as my brother and nephew are still hammering through their own BH French (will post pictures soon).
Thanks again guys.
See you in June.

MiniMike said...

Beautiful and inspiring collection. Nice post before your break. CU in june and enjoy the break

RazorOne223 said...

Nice collection! I will have to take a picture of my collection and post them...I don't think I have as much as you do so I need to keep painting...:)


Rosbif said...

Impressive amount of lead there, Paul!

How do you transport them? In those boxes or something else? I've magntised the bases of mine; fine for plastic, but the lead figures still tend to fall over.

Achilles said...

yeap! I came back two weeks ago. Still dont know if I will stay or go though...

For the time being however I am trying to find a solution by painting as much as possible :)

Docsmith said...

Well done that man. Quite a collection - beautiful. Good thing about 15mm is that they fit into storage spaces a bit better than their larger 25-28mm cousins. You are obviously a dedicated gamer with half his body-weight in unpainted lead!

One word about the Army Painter - it IS very good but you can get exactly the same effect with a tin of matt stain wood varnish for less than half the price!


paulalba said...

Thanks again for the kind comments guys.

Cheers Michael much appreciated and hopefully it will be sun, sun and a bit more sun!! (this is my 1st proper holiday away since 2006).

Hi Razor1 Will be cool to see your collection. From what I see on your blog you look to have all your commands sorted out anyway.

Hi Rosbif thanks and the boxes are A4 and have lids (got them from a craft shop £2.50 each). I stick metal sheet in the base with magnets on the figures base. The boxes are deep enough for my highest flag poles to sit in comfortably. I stack them in 4's and I had a little brain wave of securing them with 4x2cm velcro squares on lid and base. Great for transporting.

Hope everything works out for you in Japan Achilles. Keep up the cool painting! I was a little surprised you guys went with 28mm over 15mm (or even 10mm Naps) when I was reading how you were all having to carry your terrain and troops across town. Must admit I love the look of 28mm painted armies though.

Hi Doc,
You are spot on, I started off with 28mm Naps and still have a good few battalions kicking around half finished but lack of space is a big factor for me going with 15mm Naps. Thanks for the tip with the wood stain, unfortunately muggins here already went out and bought a tin of strong tone last years!

Best regards

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

That is really impressive Paul. One of the finer art collections produced by this civilization.

Ken said...

Thats a lot of painted figures Paul!

Let us know how the AP dip goes.



Schrumpfkopf said...


I love every single bit. Really there's nothing like massed ranks of napoleonic 25mm miniatures.

Also: Minifigs, they still do it for me.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Geez, i said 25 but meant 15mm!

paulalba said...

Thanks for the comments guys,
Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Been away on holiday and the computer I was using didn't allow me to sign in.