Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Carlisle or Bust

At the turn of the month Mai and I managed a little weekend away with our family. David spotted a campsite (mostly wigwams) online last year and we were keen to try it out. Just before we left Mai and I picked up our new car a wee Suzuki Alto (my 1st new car).

 Mai fell in love instantly.

 Me with the shugs outside Carlisle castle (Ian left, me centre and young David right)
 David with his WW2 Japanese infantry hat (nae it's from regatta).

 Most of the Motley crew, Mina P, Jim P (my oldest bro), David P Jnr, David P Snr (David started all this modelling/wagaming/figure painting stuff off! sometimes I wonder if David hadn't painted wee figures from childhood would I have started at all? All I was interested in as a kid was playing football and it was only sitting around looking over his shoulder as he painted his 15mm French Minifigs that I took an interest in toy soldiers,) plus Ian and me.

 Mai having her 1st drink of the night (a big event as Mai is usually smashed after 2 glasses of wine!!! Seriously!!!!)

 I seem to have grown an extra chin lately.
It seems our camera is great at catching pictures at night nad especially flames.
 Me and the boys keeping the home fires burning.

 This is the luxury the girls had to sleep in.
 Us guys were in a large tent. I had a camp bed and I kept my mouth shut as it was excellent. the Davids had an air bed that seemed to go flat each night. Jim, well Jim is ex army of 22 years and can lay down just about anywhere and get a good nights sleep (he had our new airbed and when I vaulted over him around 7.30am to go for a shower he looked like a little baby deer all snuggled up ;-)


Ray Rousell said...

Great set of family pics, I too have developed the chin problem, trouble is I've got 3!!

The Angry Lurker said...

Good pics and I've seen Ray's 4 chins.

Rodger said...

Nice pics. I have not seen Ray's extra chins.

Ken said...

Some great pics there Paul. Never been camping before but we like cavavans and shalets!

Wife and eldest daughter are away to a JedWard concert in Ireland at the moment. Leaving me and the other two with the rain and watching riots on TV.



Anonymous said...

All you need camping is a good hot cup of tea in the morning then everything is fine for the day. Good beer in the evening also helps. : )

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Cool looking ride, Paul

paulalba said...

Hi Ray, Angry L and Rodger. Just back from Claymore on Saturday and it would seem we are not alone with the chins. I'm thinking wargaming is like darts (bad for the health) if you know what I mean?

Hi Ken, I used to be a bit of a hardcore hill walker, rock climber and camper. Nowadays camping is much more fun. Tents are great with loads of space and the campbed I was on was more comfortable than our own bed.

Hi Neil, we had plenty of beer with us. I have taken a liking to Efes (turkish) lager. It is really smooth and my favourite at the moment. We tried some pints up at the local too.

Hi Captain, Thanks it's a little It's all we want to afford at the moment and we like it. It's really easy on full and the Suzuki logo is cool :-)


Next up hopefully will be some pics of my 1st AB French battalion. I have 3 bases completed and 3 99% with the eagle to be glued in place (brilliant flag from Flags for the Lads).

Iowa Grognard said...

That one glass of beer looked HUGE, what was that? A gallon glass? I want one...

paulalba said...

That I think would be a pint? Pretty big but nothing like the German Steiner!!!