Saturday, 6 August 2011

Davids Old Guard 1

Well I have nothing to show myself at the moment (almost finished an AB French line battalion) although my young nephew David has been working his way through two 15mm French Guard battalions, 1 AB and 1 Old Glory (Sorry about the crappy pics)
I personally prefer the Old Glory figures as there are so many poses

 To me they really look like old grumblers

 The mounted officer if anyone is interested is an extra Ney figure we had that I converted with some miliput. The Davids have 2 AB chasseur battalions that I gave them as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and this is the 1st finished (flag are from Flags for the Lads)


Anonymous said...

No need to apologize for the poor quality pictures. That is some outstanding work, sir!

I especially like the Ney conversion!

Sgt Steiner said...

Will look even better on the end of Prussian bayonets :-)

Great looking units

Lannes said...

Hi Paul, Great to see Anthony Barton en masse,pictures fabulous
and i throughly enjoyed your battle reports, will follow your example. Your new russians are brilliant and i have always wanted to see what they looked like. As you can guess my next army will be russians. It was nice to see pictures of your wife, and tell her i said hello. Gret to hear from you Billy.

Rodger said...

Nice units. Nothing wrong with the photos either. Great work.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Congratulate your nephew on fine job done.


The Angry Lurker said...

Damn nice work.

Ken said...

David did a great paint job on the OLd Guard! I may get the old glory lot for myself having seen these!



Stryker said...

I agree that the OG figures look better than AB in this instance. I have painted some of the AB ones myself and they do lack a bit of animation, mind you I guess the Guard did tend to do a lot of standing around! Some very talented brushwork by your nephew!


paulalba said...

Thanks for the very kind comments on Davids figures guys I will pass them on.

Sgt S totally agree!

Billy, good to hear from you! The AB Russians are very nice figures to paint and I have a lot to do. I will pass on your regards to Mai. Look forward to seeing more figures updates on your blog.

We picked up these Old Glory Guard a few years ago in a bring and buy (2 more old guard battalions to paint). Just to let you know they are not all from the gren guard set. There is a mix of chasseurs and grenadiers mixed in with my usual conversion work to make them all grenadiers. I figured it would give more variety to the battalions.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been working far too much lately. Been taking some extra shifts while I get the chance.

Ray Rousell said...

The figures and photo's look fine to me and would grace anyone's wargaming table.

Ken said...

Thanks for the warning! What are the main differences between the old glory grenadiers and the chasseurs?



Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great looking units, Paul you do excellent work

Crazy Joe said...

That's a really nice job! The painting\s great and so is the photography. No problems there mate.


paulalba said...

Thanks guys, David will be chuffed with your kind comments.

Ken, From what I remember the main differences with the OG Chassuers and Grenadiers is the Chasseurs have no front plate on the bearskin (although they do have the back patch like the 3rd regiment Dutch) and the pointed cuffs. All have the long gaiters. I just drilled out a plate on the bearskin and altered the cuffs with a scalpel. I have another Grenadier battalion to sort out for David and also a spare battalion that will be the 3rd regiment in white with red facings.
Thanks again for all your words of incouragement.

paulalba said...

Disregard the spelling mistakes!!! my brain is pretty much mush at the moment :-)

Ken said...

Sounds quite a fiddly job you had with the conversions - well worth it when you see the extra variety of the poses.



Дмитрий (aka prapor) said...

Just great work!
Usually i prefer AB becouse better sculpting, but OG poses more dynamic. With good painting OG may be very interesting.
So both works superb painting and looks just great!

paulalba said...

Thanks guys, sorry I moved onto my next post and missed your comments.

The conversions were not so bad compared to the head swaps I was doing for my Bavarians but it does slow down the production rate ;-)

Prapor we usually prefer the AB's too but this time I feel that the OG figs somehow just look right and the AB's in greatcoats seem a little stiff (still great figures!).

Thanks again for your words of encouragement for my young nephew.