Saturday, 1 October 2011

C.W.C 10.9.11 part1

So it's now the 1st of October and I've been working flat out since these pictures were taken. JP (shown below in a hooped jumper that his wife knitted him for Christmas last year) has been off to Spain golfing with friends and back for 2 weeks (with the usual tan) and I'm only now getting round to posting the battle report for our game back in September!
Yet another rusty Napoleonic game: We had a good crowd on the day (8) for our game alone. the 3 Johns, JP and Jon B have moved onto the deluxe GdB rules so they were the order of the day. DC, Tam, DEsMONd, my brother David and me.
The wife and I had, had a skin full the night before (Mai managed to drink a full 3 Coppaburgs instead of her usual 1 glass of red before falling asleep) so I was happy to take a flank. I had a mixed heavy cavalry brigade of Prussian and Russian Cuirass.
With a light brigade of Prussian lancers (with some Russian cossacks attached for effect, and they did panic their opponents!!!). The Lancers (that I bought myself!!!) were painted and based by JP for his own collection and look great.
In the allied centre (my right) was Jon B with a mixed Prussian/Russian infantry brigade with supporting artillery holding 1 of the 2 French objectives.
 Facing Jon was the main French thrust from David P Snr with his newly painted French battalions (and 1 of mine ;0) and John M with another French brigade slightly off to our left.
The French goal for the day was to take 1 of the 2 hills commanding the battlefield. I thought that was a bit too easy with the amount of troops the guys had!!!
JP was assaulting our far right (DC) with another load of French infantry.
As well as a horde of French light cavalry.


Rosbif said...

I love your games; you put so many high quality painted figures on the table.

Looks like the Allies had their work cut out! What was the result?

BigRedBat said...

A very spectacular game! Much lead.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking table!!


paulalba said...

Thanks guys,
The French smashed us Rosbif!