Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fun in the Loft

Having a weekend off has become pretty unusual for me so when I end up with 3 days off I don't know what to do with myself. I know I should be cracking on painting the loft to get it all finished and ready for carpeting but I've had a few new arrivals and fancied messing about with them.
 1) I picked up a couple of resin redoubts (as well as fleches) from a wargamer in the USA. My 40mmx40mm artillery don't quite fit them so I will have to do some sawing/patching to sort that out. I will be mounting them on some board and repainting them etc.
A little tester for possible battles to come.
I don't have many French done so it will be down to the David's to supply an enemy for my Russians to fight.
2) My brother David managed to pick me up some tables and chairs for our wargames. Brilliant!!!
He is going to see if he can get me another table so fingers crossed.
3) I mentioned a few posts back that I picked up some Fantassin Prussians from ebay. Well this is them with a couple of spare AB's and a BH mounted officer added in.
All the figures in this photo are Fantassin. I have pretty much totally repainted them. To be honest I'm not that impressed with the casting. The figures are the same size as AB's but some of the detail is pretty rough and there are a few arms missing. I have no idea where these figures started life so there is no way of telling if they are copies or originals?
Anyway I have based up the 2nd battalion and added in some spare AB's to fill up the numbers. This is how the figures came to me so I'm happy how the 1st battalion came out.
4) David spotted this while on holiday (and I pinched it!) and thought it would be good for something. I have no idea if it is the right period or style for our Naps battles? I was thinking of using it for Saxony 1813 or France 1814, possibly even Belgium 1815, what do you think?


Jacko said...

Wow an airfix Windmill ?

The Angry Lurker said...

No idea on the windmill but somebody will be along who probably will, nice purchases though.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Cool looking space

paulalba said...

Thanks for the comments guys,
Just noticed I've went through the 40,000 hit marker and also over 100 followers!!!
Thanks very much guys!
Best regards

Gonsalvo said...

I love windmills!

I agree the fanatssin figures look a bit primitive in execution. However, form 12" away or more they'll look just fine on the table!

paulalba said...

Hi Peter,
Yes I totally agree they Fantassin Prussians will look fine. Now that I have added grass and flag tp the 1st Battalion they don't look half bad apart for the odd missing arm.

Also I did clean them up with scalpel and file the best I could before painting which helped.

Glad to say I am back painting Bavarinas. Of all the figures I have been painting I think the Bav's are my Favourite (although this changes to Russians from time to time).

Ken said...

Nice wargames den you have there Paul!



paulalba said...

Chhers Ken,
Been working far too much and should really be finishing painting the loft when I am off but have been enjoying being able to leave my paints and stuff out and go back to them when I can. Have to say I am loving my Bavarians again. Been cleaning up loads and paitning the lights. Fingers crossed I'll finish them soon.

Karim said...

Really like the windmill, it would look fantastic when it is painted. Nice atmosphere for your table

Ray Rousell said...

Love the earth works, shame you've got to rebase your artillery though. The windmill looks excellent as well.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking redoubts and looking forward to seeing that windmill painted up!