Thursday, 17 November 2011

Saxons WIP 3

OK last post of the Saxons until I get them all finished off and based up, However I wanted to share my latest little piece of madness!!!

Sometimes a month will pass or maybe 3 without any little stars floating about my head but surprisingly recently I have had a few. Been looking around the Calpe site and also at Von Peter's website to try and get some inspiration for my own Saxons and here is what I came up with, a little sapper with calfskin shako cover and a little bit of conversion work. And this is after I decided that I was going to bump through my Saxons!!!
It all started with an AB Saxon foot officer in greatcoat that didn't quite fit in with the rest of his pals and as I didn't have any marching infantry spares I had to find something to fill the gap. I had dropped the idea of converting a sapper  for these guys a few months back but then after seeing the Calpe 1 it reminded me that I had a few spare French infantry sapper that I didn't need.
At 1st I thought I would just file the original head and add some green stuff and he would be done. Unfortunately it would appear that the Saxons didn't sport a massive beard and also wore the standard shako. I have a few spare flag guys so I swapped his head (drilled it and pin it) and added trouser, changed the apron as well as adding collar, side burns and clipped the eppaulettes., not perfect but he will do just fine. I only wish I could get a cast of 4 or 5 more to save me doing it all again for the next battalion!!!
Just encase you thought I was joking about getting stuck into these guys here they are all in their different stages. If I hadn't got sidetracked with my wee pal they would be all AP'd.
A little comparison shot, I went with a deeper gold for the second batch and it worked out much better. I think once highlighted it will look good. Also there are a number of figures who don't have shako cords and I think with the next battalion I will add calfskin covers to their shakos.


Gonsalvo said...

A little conversion work is good for the soul, Paul! :-)

Dan said...

Pretty good conversion, well done.

Dan said...

and nice paint job too.

Giles said...

Great work Paul. I'm amazed at that conversion - brilliant! Painting of the wee fellas ain't bad either. Top work.

Best wishes


von Peter himself said...

I'm honoured to have been of assistance ... of some variety or other ! 8O)

A nice conversion well executed. Your Saxons are going to look great.

von Peter himself

Rodger said...

Fantastic conversion. Very nice looking troops.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice work and great conversion!


The Angry Lurker said...

Great skill and that madness as you call it..we call our obsession!

Ken said...

Brave man doing conversion work in metal! I used to do a lot of 1/72 plastics conversions but never tried metal. Anyway, your conversion job looks good.



paulalba said...

Thanks everyone again for your encouragement,
I managed to get the base coat on the rest and Army Paintered and they are looking good (the Sapper has come out really well).

Now almost 3 days solid at work then I am off for 5. I'll try and get them finished off then.
Awe ra best

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

You sure do nice work,Paul