Sunday, 13 November 2011

Saxons WIP 1

Well I have jumped again, I have been keen to start my Saxons for a very, very long time and I've had it in the back of my mind how I was going to do them. I plan on not spending as much time on them as I do with my other armies (especially as my free time is very limited at the moment) and with my brother's army painter exploits I decided that this was the path I would take. (army painter on 15mm AB Naps, Can he be serious I hear you say!!! Well yeah but just as a wee test to see if it works out) .
The only thing to work out was what shade of  army painter (I decided on dark tone) and what colours to use for whites (Foundry white shade and I have a feeling I should have went with the mid tone!).
Anyway I blocked in the colours (missed a couple of details and maybe the green is too bright) and painted on the AP (hard to control the stuff when it is dipped) and I have to say I am really pleased with the results.
It took about 25 mins to paint these four and that isn't at all bad, and once dry I will be painting in all the main detail I have missed, a couple of highlights on the white plus I'll try and dull down the green.
Still I am pretty chuffed with the result as they look not too bad for the time I spent on them!!! Will I be doing all my figures with army painter from now on? Na I doubt it, but it does look to be a handy tool to get some wee men painted up ASAP!


Ken said...

Hi Paul,

That looks alright, details are coming out very nicely. I've heard a lot of bad press (especially on TMP) about AP. I use a black vallejo wash and its a bit too overpowering but then subtely was never my strong point.

I'll keep an eye on your AP exploits!



paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
I think they are drying nicely too, just done them about a couple of hours ago and to me honest if I had used white neat instead of the shade plus painted all the buttons and pompoms etc when matt varnished and based they would be ready to take the field!

MiniMike said...

It looks pretty effective to me and I look forward seeing them en masse which will add to the effect.

Rosbif said...

I'm a convert to the AP style of varnish, but don't like the price for what is just really wood varnish in a fancy can!

It's perfect for white uniforms and bringing out details like faces etc. and you've done a great job with these

Gonsalvo said...

The Saxons look very good, Paul, and the AP has done what it's supposed to. I've been too nervous to try it or something like it so far for fear of overdoing it, but this experiment came out very well, I'd say!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice results!


Rodger said...

Looks like the AP works fine. As yet I have not been game enough to try. Maybe one day.

The Angry Lurker said...

They look damn good to me, really nicely done.

Ray Rousell said...

They look excellent Paul, I always ink my 15mm figures, especially white ones, its made all the detail of the figure stand out, without much of an effort. Army painter or stuff like it rocks!!!

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys, very much appreciated!!!

Nathan Woolford said...

Wow, have just been wondering about AP and here are all your wonderful posts! Looking at the Vallejo washes as well. Way too much lead stashed around my home and I need to get more efficient! Plus I love the way yours look! Just awesome! Thanks

paulalba said...

Hi Nathan,
Thanks very much, the army painter dark tone is a great help. I wish I had discovered it a few years back when I had far more painting time.