Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Saxon WIP 7

So my pics are mince, sorry for that as I'm actually very happy with these guys. I have been jumping about (thankfully within the same nation, however still destructive for a good flow of painting) from line to lights and then to artillery. I have managed to screw the nut and get all of my Von Low battalion base painted, AP'd and have done almost half to completion.
I managed to forget the gold band on the officers shakos so I'll have catch that later. I used regal blue for my facing colour and I feel it works a treat, not to dark after the army painter and not to light either.
The mounted officer is slightly converted so he looks different from from my last battalion officer. I repositioned his arm and took off his head and repositioned him looking forward. I have no idea if the saddle covers should have royal logo's but I just gave them a few light swirls for fun.
The regular infantry guys look sweet and as well as the AP are shaded with all 3 Foundry whites (were they needed, I don't really know? maybe just 2 would have done fine?).
despite his glossy appearance this little guy is a dream for me (compared to the last 1 I did!) as I feel the head swap came out fine (he used to be a french grenadier sapper with beard). I struggled a bit with the apron but it looks not to bad. I now have him all highlighted and matt.
The Saxon sappers/pioneers are a little bit of pain for me as when I think of any S/P's I think grenadier and red cords and the only pic I've seen of 1 had red cords (however he was from the artillery so that didn't really help). With the Saxons having completely independent grenadier battalions I think of their S/P having red cords but the line guy I have decided to go with the white cords and NCO coloured pompom (and my light infantry S/P will have dark green). I you know any different please feel free to correct me!!!


Mr. Bigglesworth said...

What a great battalion, you should be happy. They are coming along wonderfully. What is the apron on the mini for? Is he part of some special supply unit?

John (VonBlucher) said...

Coming along nicely, can't wait to see them all based, and ready to go.

Your're right this Sappeur came out better than the first one.

The scroll work on the saddle covers looks real good also.


Rodger said...

Very very nice work. I like the Saxons.

The Angry Lurker said...

My pictures are mince?, great figures to me my friend, I live my Napoleonic obsession through you....

Anonymous said...

Very impressive, especially love the faces. How exactly do you do them?

Ken said...

I agree with Matt, the faces are incredible.

Figures like the sappeur do give a unit more character. But no beard?



paulalba said...

Thanks for your comments guys, I am very happy with them as they look much sharper in real life (real wargaming mini life, and they come alive at night when I'm sleeping!!!)

Mr B the lad with the apron is a sapper and did hold some special (mystic) position amongst the other troops.

Hi John. Yeah his neck is much better than the 1st.

Hi Rodger and Angry L,
Angry L same bac kat you as I live my WW2 20mm obsession through you!!!

Hi Matt and Ken, The faces are pretty easy, undercoat with native american flesh shadow and then AP'd then highlighted in appropriate areas with native american highligh (foundry). I like the warm look of the faces and I just changed with the command stand to this new tone so glad you noticed!!! Ken apparently they Saxon sappers just had mustache and side burns? I couldn't be bothered adding a tash so I recon he is so young he cannot grow 1!!!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice work, Paul

Steven said...

Great work, Paul! These guys look great!

RazorOne223 said...

These look great! How do you find the Warlord games dip works with 15mm stuff? I would think you are close to done with your Saxons, how much more do you have of them to do?



Ken said...

You really ought to do a tutorial on 15mm face painting!

paulalba said...

Thanks Captain and Steven, not far off being finished now!!

Hi Razor1, I really like the Army Painter and am also amazed at how well it works on 15mm. I will have to try it on other colours though. Stay tuned.

Hi Ken, No big secret in the faces. Just a flesh shade, army painter then a flech highlight then flat varnish. nothing more to it! Give it a try.

Schrumpfkopf said...

From Russia to Dresden. These late Saxons really do look nice and offer a lot of possibilities for a minor-nation.