Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Saxon WIP 6

I've had a Saxon command stand in the back of my mind for months, thinking what figures I would use for them. I finally settled on 2 as mentioned in my last post and I just wanted to show you how they developed into a Saxon General and ADC.
 The figure on the left is an AB Austrian command figure. He fits the bill because he has the short boots shown on the pics of Saxon General plus he is pretty much a blank canvas as he has no epaulettes or turn-backs and there is very litte saddle detail.
I started by adding the saddle detail to the General as well as reshaping its rear. I gave him epaulettes and repositioned his hat to the later style (this was pinned into place). I then turned it into a French pattern bicorne while adding the Saxon style of national cockade and pin. The ADC was given an aiguillette made of wire and the ADC armband on the right side and rear.
Here they are mounted up, baset coated and painted with Army Painter dark tone. I'm finding the Army Painter is helping me get my figures painted quicker however after the AP is applied I still do a fair bit of fine detailing. I believe I do just as much painting as before when I worked from dark to light from a black undercoat.
Forgot to mention I also added some appropriate lace to the Generals chest plus turn-backs and an iron cross to the ADC. I'll post pics when they are totally finished.


Gonsalvo said...

So these aren't "finished" yet? They look pretty fine! Very nice work on the conversion items, too!


John de Terre Neuve said...

Very well done Paul.


The Angry Lurker said...

Those are bloody good.......

Von Blucher said...

I love the conversion. Very well done.

Steve said...

Hi Paul, very nice conversion work, you must be a patientman converting 15mm!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Love your stuff, Paul you do some nice work

Curt said...

Brilliant work, Paul! Bravo.


paulalba said...

Thanks for your kind comments guys, would have been nice if there was a nice set of AB Saxon command figures all ready sculpted for me to buy. However I do like tinkering with my wee figs. Now that the figures are underway I need to highlight them. Then get back to their army, they are nothing without an army to command! All the best for 2012! Regards paul

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

Very fine - your attention to detail is inspiring.

Crazy Joe said...

Excellent!! Lovely figures and nicely finished.

I'm afraid AB (and Battle Honours before them) have traditionally been a bit of a tease with their 'almost-but-not-quite' completed ranges.

paulalba said...

Hi Mr B and Crazy Joe,
Sorry just spotted your comments.

Mr B very kind of you to say. Feel the same seeing your sculpting!

Thanks Crazy Joe, Yeah I am slowly seeing where the gaps are in the ranges, still AB certainly did do a huge amount of Napoleonic figures.

Wish he would come back and do more!!!