Monday, 23 July 2012

Austrian Artillery WIP1

My buddy Cameron and I have started our Austrian armies. The figures are from Battle Honours and this is (hopefully) going to be a fast army for me, no buttons, no frills. I have chosen to do hungarians for the most part as I lived for a short time in a part of old Hungary so the blue strides appeal to me. This is Camerons 1st venture into Naps and his progress can be seen over at his blog: Braidwood Wargamings.
Cameron picked up some artillery from another friend so I thought I would get mine done too. We bought our figures from Timecast with the 20% off deal last month. Great service from the lads at Timecast, a couple of items to follow (including Generals that I plan to use for La Bricole painting comp).
The artillery figures are nice but basic and the casting is not so crisp in areas and are pretty small. I am thinking the moulds have been used a lot? However they will do me fine. Easy enough to paint and I have blocked the colours in ready for army painter when the sand is sealed and dry.

Austrian guns, I have seen in so many shades from bright yellow to dark ochre. I went for GW Ochre and will add a little white for the highlight. Still a little bit to do but should paint up smooth enough.
 So a new competition has started over at La Bricole. If you haven't visited the forum take a look as it is a very friendly and helpful group of Napoleonic figure painters.


John (VonBlucher) said...

Looking good so far, and grretings from the great state of Texas.

The Angry Lurker said...

Looking good my friend......

Der Feldmarschall said...

Very nicely done Paul. I might be in trouble when the Perry's get around to releasing the rest of their Austrian range. :)


paulalba said...

Hi John,
Thanks and have a great trip!

Hi Fran,
Thanks, they come together far faster than the AB figures

Hi Jason,
Thanks and I have managed to keep away from the 28mm plastic very well. The Russians put a real strain on me. I will end up buying Rogers Poles eventually though!.

Many thanks for your comments guys!!!

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures. I've always liked the Austrian artillerymen in brown.

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Do you not find battle honors a bit small compared with AB?



Cameron T said...

Looking good.

What size of base are you using? I'm going to rebase the artilery I got.

David Cooke said...

Welcome to the Austrian Napoleonic mafia! Nice looking figures.

paulalba said...

Hi Ray,
Me too.

Hi Ken,
Yes they are much smaller especially the artilery. Although some of the later ones are meant to be identical figures?

Hi Cameron 40mmx40mm, ill drop some round.

Hi David, Thanks, I take it you guys are into Austrians in a big way!

Well I'm going to get into some painting as I have a few days off!!!