Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bavarian 5th Light

A little surprise tonight, as a change to my current Russian 1812-13 project I thought it was about time I got this particular monkey off my back. RTL I am sure you will be glad to see I finally finished them off!!! I started them way before I started using Army Painter so this is my old style of painting I am afraid.
I started these guys a long, long time ago and tried to get a feel of a firing line with them. I am not totally sure it worked as they look a little bare in areas?
I have forgotten how many conversions are in this lot? from what I remember the mounted officer was a Saxon, the hornist was a casualty and the 2 man casualty team were Austrians. If I do another light battalion I will include all 36 figures in the battalion to fill up the spaces.
The sappeur is from Fantassin as AB don't have 1 and I didn't fancy converting him.
A bit of a rush job to finish them off but they are done and look not bad in the end.
I really like the officer casualty, loads of life (pardon the pun) for such small figures.
Pretty happy with the hornist as the cord and horn were quite tricky to do.
Oh and the 2 Bavarian beers were great ;0)



Very good JOB.

Dan Beattie said...

I can't imagine it could be better with Army Painter.
Very well done.

John (Von Blucher) said...

Excellent group and I think the firing line came out great. The
conversions all look fantastic and I bet no one would have realized it, unless they knew the AB figure line. I've got to ask if you were waiting till you were thirsty to finish this unit?

Rodger said...

Beautiful work!

Ken said...

Briiliant composition of the figures - this is how a firing line light infantry ought to look. Great level of detail on the painted figures as well!

Dan said...

Great stuff, I have a massive 15mm Bavarian army in the lead pile, maybe I should drag it out.

Phil said...

Brilliant! Very nice work, specially for me the sapeur!

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Hi Dan,
I think the AP over the flesh highlighted looks more subtle.

Hi John,
Yip you guessed it I was dry ;0)

Hi Dan,
Look forward to Your Bavarians ;0)


Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking figures, love the sapper, he's a little bigger than the other figures, but I guess Sappers had to be! Love the falling officer too, was he a conversion as well?

Curt said...

Beautiful work as always, Paul! I really like that officer vignette, amazing.

Gonsalvo said...

Great looking unit, and I agree with my friend, Dan Beattie; hard to see how Army Painter could improve on this job. Speed it up, perhaps!


RTB said...

Paul (aka Rob Roy) you have to be the best painter of 18's out there. You've done a better job with those than I managed with my Foundry! Now Scotland are even rated worse than Wales at footie there is at least one thing jocks are better at than people from GOC - painting miniatures!

CplKelly said...

Paul, they are the cats pyjamas! And after the initial volley that is how a firing line should look.

Well bloody done.

paulalba said...

Hi Ray thanks, the sappeur has a wee fetish about slipping in heels when going into battle hence his size ;-) the officer figure is Mr Barrons but the soldier holding him has had his head swapped and the helmet is from a different guy.

Hi Curt
I like the same figs AB done a great job of them with a little tweeking he will do Saxons too!

Hi Peter,
thanks, i am happy how the Bavarians turned out. Just on close up for the time it takes to use the AP the faces turn out much better.

Hi Roger,
Lol, yes we are rubbish at pretty much all sports now (except darts and snooker? ;-).
Thanks for the praise!!! I'll keep my head small enough to fit through the door. Although there are loads and loads of great AB painters so very kind if you to include me in the list.

Thanks for all the comments.

P.S. Just about to Start an Austrian Army for 1812-13 and will be going with Battle Honours as just cannot afford AB this time round. Wish me luck.

paulalba said...

Go cplKelly, thanks, you must have sneak your comment in as I was typing lol. That is what I was aiming for so many thanks!!!

Der Feldmarschall said...

Fantastic looking unit. Great job bringing these figs to life!


David Cooke said...

Great looking results Paul.

DeanM said...

Sorry for this late comment, Paul, but fantastic work as always. Lovely unit. Best, Dean