Sunday, 19 August 2012

Austrian/Russians 1812

Life has been busy, very busy however a spark has been ignited!!!
My buddy Cameron who lives maybe 200-300 metres away has caught the Napoleonic bug (praise be to the lord!!!), His army of choice (for the moment as we all know how these things go) are Austrians. He has bought some older figures from our friend Robert (far to many figures for 1 man!!!) as well as us both buying BH figure from timecast.
 I can't tell you how long it has been since I last played Naps although if you look me in the eyes you would know!!! Tonight the planets were in perfect alignment and we were able to have our 1st Naps game (2nd if you count a run through at Roberts). Now I haven't properly read the new GdB rules/book and although Cameron has had my copy for the past few months and due to life commitments neither has he yet, we still wanted to give it a bash. We decided straight out to talk through each process on what we planned to do etc and to basically learn the rules.

All the terrain is rough or donated by friends and you have to trust me that the buildings will come to life in time (the church has a fine destiny planned). Above my Austrian artillery taking there first casualties from the enemy in battle.
My Saxons getting a rare run out along side their Austrian allies.
Cameron's Austrians started to pressure the old church that commands the road networks of the area.

A big thanks to Mai who very kindly brought up some chicken legs and refreshment for our evenings wargaming.

This windmill was bought for me by my brother David, It will be great scenery when finished. The armies are still in place and we will continue to fight on when we have the time.


Rosbif said...

HUZZZAH! It's great to see your lovely figures getting used in anger, so to speak.

Great pictures, too, Paul.

John (VonBlucher) said...

Best part is you've snagged someone clase to you in playing and all you had to do is walk up stairs to your new room to play. I see many battles being fought in the future in that space.

Gonsalvo said...

Have to actually *use* the figures once in a while, or they start to grumble, you know!

I am fortunate the past 5 years or so to have Barry almost as close by me as you are to Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Love that windmill Paul


john B

paulalba said...

Hi Rosbif Thanks, It was about time they got out of their box for a run around!

Hi John,
I know, lucky Cameron dropped down the club, we went to the same school but different years and hung out with my mates younger brother. Very handy for us both. (Austrian command figures arrived today!!!)

Hi Peter, Your spot on. It's cool getting them out for a look now and again but once you get them on the table your ideas start racing.

Hi John, Thanks and old 1/72 scale piece of kit I think. Will fit in fine as eye candy for the table.

Thanks for the coments guys. Been reading the rules all morning so positives all round!

Ken said...

Lucky man having a Nap's friend just down the street!

Seeing your table setup has given me the urge to get my own armies out for a parade.



Curt Campbell said...

Yes, its great to see some of your collection on the table - such beautiful stuff.

kingsleypark said...

Shaping up nicely Paul. Look forward to the AAR (and also seeing that windmill painted up in due course!)

Anonymous said...

Inspirational stuff (the painting and the fact you actually get to play the odd game or two!).

Scotsgrey said...

I know you love the modelling but it is all about the battles