Friday, 17 August 2012

Hungarian Infantry

It's official, I've started a new army!
I managed to finish these guys off tonight, they have been finished for a while now just awaiting their flag, Cameron was good enough to drop 1 off.
All in all a nice little unit to start of my Austrian army. Like everyone I would love all my armies to be from AB however my spare cash won't stretch to another AB army so Cameron and myself have made do with Battle Honors, the older range from Mr Barton.
The figures are showing their age now as there is only 1 marching pose and the casting has loads of flash and the odd hole however they are still very nice figures for the price.
The flag mans face had a large chunk of flash on it and this is the best I could do with him. Rocky Balboa would be proud, Yo Adrian!!!
For speed I have left the thigh knots and side seams off the blue trousers.
I actually think the figures look better from behind as the equipment is pretty cool.
I still have to finish my guns off for my artillery. I am sure I have mentioned it before that I really don't enjoy doing artillery (mainly the guns). They are usable at the moment so it maybe some time before I finish the guns off. The troops go into action this week as part of Camerons Austrian army


Sgt Steiner said...

Those look rather nice indeed

Shaun McTague said...

Nice looking units,

I used Lancashire Games Austrians for a lot of the infantry, a good match for BH from a compan that can be hit n miss.


Rosbif said...

Impressive as usual, Paul!

They seem a good match, Too, being not-AB :)

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Excellent looking troops sir!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Very, Very nice,Paul

John (VonBlucher) said...

You did a fine job on them considering the molds are about shot for Battle Honors.

Let's see Bavarians, Saxons, Prussians, Russians, and now Austrians, sounds like Leipzig is in the future!!

Sun of York said...

Great work on the white belts and uniforms, always tricky to get right. I agree about the rear shot being "on the money" with all the detail on their kit.

My Austrians are Essex, but I am currently working on some packets of Battle Honours Prussians that I am impressed with, particularly the landwher. Although I have just been given some Old Glory Prussians and the staff and artillery pack are very impressive.

DeanM said...

Beautiful work - love the uniforms. Best, Dean

The Angry Lurker said...

They look really good to me Paul....

John de Terre Neuve said...

They look very good Paul. The figures quite nice, always good to start with the Hungarians.


Ken said...

These guys look good, if you had'nt said I would have thought these were AB's - I bought some battle honors British Rifles and the sculpting is not that good plus they are quite smaller than AB.

Gonsalvo said...

What?! No yellow/black braid on the thighs or seam of the blue pants? A sacrilege! The Purity Police will want to speak with you shortly, Paul...

Seriously, they look great! :-)


paulalba said...

Hi Sgt S,
Pretty happy with them for the little effort.

Hi Shaun,
Thanks, I have seen the Lancashire Games at Claymore and they look pretty good. My buddy uses them for his Prussians, remind me of Essex a little.

Thanks Rosbif,
Just a little on the small side but still nice figures, how are the boat party coming on?

Thanks very much Steve and captain Richard!

Thanks John,
The will do fine ;0) They got their 1st outing tonight and were given a rough time by my Russians.

Hi Sun of York,
Thanks very much, I bought a pack of BH and OG Prussians to compare when starting my Prussians. The BH figures were nicer however they were also much thinner and weaker, especially the battle honour. I went with the OG Prusians, I still have a soft spot for them but have a lot of AB Prussians now.

Thanks Dean and Angry L,
I'm happy with how they are turning out.

Hi John,
Yeah I had to really as I lived in a part of the old hungarian empire many moons ago so the blue strides always appealed!

Hi Ken,
Yeah they are very small figures compared to AB, the artillery are tiny!

Hi Peter,
Believe me I was tempted on many occasions, I did the braid on Prussian guard jager but for this fast army I don't have the time.

Thanks for all your comments guys, we had our 1st Austrian Russian game tonight (the saxons even got a run out!)