Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kurassier Command

To avoid burn out with my painting I'm having a few days off full units for the moment and concentrating on basing/finishing the stuff I've already done. You'll probably be sick of seeing this Kurassier command floating around in 1 shape or form however I am glad to say they are now 100% finished and can join the ranks in battle without embarrassment.
I still can hardly see my shading on my pics however it is there somewhere. I'm really happy how the horses came out.
I put the French cuirassier to close to the edge of the base so the little tuft on his helmet will be forever being rubbed. Phil if you read this I promise you 1 day you will see French command bases with the odd allied figure being hunted down running for their lives!
I have been watching my way through my DVD collection that I very nearly got rid of last year. Thank goodness for movies and my wee men or I would be mad by now. Anyway I am thankful as I know there are plenty of people in a far worse situation than myself. 
I've continued on with my commands I showed in the last post in between the rough stuff and this 1 is coming close to an end and will be (hopefully) completed tomorrow again where are the highlights??? I have the 3 shades of Foundry Prussian blues on these 2 and a little Bavarian cornflower blue (shade) added in for the final highlight. Some metal work plus tidying and we are ready to varnish. I have added tiny black eyes from a tip posted on WD3 forum by Tony Barton. I used to add eyes (light grey with deep blue in a corner) before but dropped them as I thought there was no real point in 15mm. I am trying this out on my commands to see how I feel. 
I got this a couple of weeks ago and it had a basic hard brown finish. I had to stick it all together which was a little harder than I thought it would be as the buildings angles were pretty off however it came together ok. I stuck it on a base and gave it a new lighter finish plus a wash on the wooden areas. the base is finished minus grass and I'll finish that off tomorrow. So my 1st complete piece of terrain is nearly finished and I'm really happy with it!!!


John (VonBlucher) said...

Great looking commanda!! The horses came out great!! I'm happy that you're working your way through your pile, but sad that you're still layed up.

I gave up on eyes years go in 15/18mm, But might give it a try again soon.

Ray Rousell said...

Mighty fine work Paul!

paulalba said...

Thanks John,
I hope your getting back to your brush now. I'm really glad to be getting through a few figures and also surprised how well the church has came out!

Thanks Ray,
And ongrats on the big 500!!!

I've been stuck at 213 followers for a good wee while now but I am impressed there are that many people who find my blog of some interest especially as it's only 15mm Naps!

Millsy said...

Beautiful as usual. Your stuff is always an inspiration Paul.

lesfoudresdelaigle said...

Du très beau travail, j'adore tes figurines AB miniature ta peinture est toujours très bien réalisé. A bientôt Christian "les foudres de l'aigle"

thehermit said...

That's a great looking command base!
I'm going to copy it in 28mmm ;0)

Mad Tin Hatter said...

Hard to believe these are 15's! Great job as usual Paul.

Sgt Steiner said...

Super looking as always

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Eyes..eyes..the eyes - no I avoid the eyes!



Whats your username on WD3?

Mike said...

Only 15mm Naps? They're beautiful. I normally put the French dead on my Cossack bases...
The church looks good, just need some priests to give a +1 morale boost to any Russians in contact.

DeanM said...

Fantastic commands. The colors and composition are splendid. That terrain piece is also very nice. Best, Dean

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful work on the figures and church really looks good too!


Ben B. said...

These look really great! The AB Prussian series will be nice to try if I ever get into the later Napoleonic period.
Keep it up!

Francis Lee said...

They're the very definition of crisp, fantastic stuff Paul!

paulalba said...

Thanks for all the kind comments guys I really appreciate them,

Sorry if I don't respond much at the moment as I'm trying to get some more stuff finished. I've been working through my basing and a wee bit more painting. Mike I plan to do some Russian priest conversions at some point to bless the troops before battle.

paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
I've not actually joined the WD3 forum yet. O will soon