Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prussian Command 31.7.13

Well I fell on my arse tonight! I have no idea what the hell I was doing going backwards over the rug and I ended tits up. Luckily all I suffered was a couple of red cheeks. Thankfully nobody seen me although I still felt a but of a tit!!!

Still basing away at the moment but I did managed to finish these wee guys off (as well as the church that I will post later). A general and an officer of the general staff. I added a wee bit green stuff to their saddles to make it into bear skin (the poor bears!) and also added the guard stars to the generals saddle cover.
Sorry about the fuzzy quality of the top 2 pics I just don't seem to have it at the moment? Again it's difficult to see the shading on my horses but it is there. I am happy with the eyes after blending in the following flesh highlights however I will try dark blue instead of black. 
I'm not sure if the camera has picked up the difference in reds with the general having the brighter red and the officer of the general staff having a more crimson colour plus silver litzen.
It's when you go in close on the AB figures you see the quality that Mr Barton put into his figures. These to officers are sitting in different poses and the way he has captured the shape of their backs are amazing with the shoulder blades sitting at different angles.

I'll keep going with the basing and hopefully will have something else finished tomorrow. . . Famous last words!


Jonathan Freitag said...

Very handsome figures!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Very nice, I certainly can see the difference in the two reds.


John (VonBlucher) said...

Great looking, and I can pick up some of the highlights on the horses.

I still haven't picked up a paint brush since Easter, so at least one of us is being productive.

Ray Rousell said...

Great painting once again Paul and you can see the brighter red as well.

Gonsalvo said...

Sorry about the fall, but glad no harm was done. Very nice looking command base, Paul.

Dan said...

Just superb, really love your style.

fireymonkeyboy said...

So, your fall was a bit of a bummer, then? ;)

I know what you mean about the AB. The Russian Guard have the same subtle variations in pose.