Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lithuanian Dragoons

I know I've posted these guys a good bit lately in their WIP stage however I am now happy to say they are completely based and can now be put to bed . . . Yeah!!!
I put a lot of work into them and I'm happy how they turned out. As I'm sure you already know all the figures are AB late Prussian dragoons. 

Still no sign of any shading in my pics but that's life. I'm glad to say I've also finished grassing my Brandenburg hussars plus my 2nd infantry command stand and will post them soon . . . So another yeah!!!

I have completed finished everything I planned to this past couple of weeks so I now need to decide what's next on the painting table? I have the option of my Prussian line lancers that are base coated and have 6 already painted or another dragoon regiment or I could take a wee jump over to my Russians and finish off my Kutuzov command base for Borodino???
I'll have a think about it and see what I fancy starting tomorrow . . .

Happy wargaming!!!


John (VonBlucher) said...

Unbeleivable, how much you been able to complete!! Keep riding the wave and get as much done as you can.

Great looking group though and I can pick up some of the highliting that you've done.

Robert said...

Great work as usual Paul. Wish I had that kind of productivity- and talent!

Vasiliy Levashov said...

Excellently, Paul!
However, as always :)

Ken said...

HI Paul,

A very nice unit - as usual!

These dragoons had a darker coat than the typical sky blue....I was wondering about this when looking at Osprey "Lutzen & Bautzen 1813". There is a picture of crazy platen and his bugler and the coat is almost prussian blue.



Francis Lee said...

Beautiful work again Paul!

paulalba said...

Thanks a million guys! Yes Ken I was planning to do the Lithuanians the same colour as in that picture. The trumpeter battering the lancer over the head if a command stand I feel I have to have a go at!!!

Thanks again for your kind comments, I'll try and keep the flow going. . .