Friday, 2 August 2013

Brandenburg Hussars

This is another wee box ticked, again sorry for showing these guys a few times but this is them with their bases all finished and ready to be put to bed. I have now moved onto their sister regiment the Brandenburg line uhlans. I'm having a wee fight with my paints at the moment as I had a cracking couple of colours that when used together made a nice chestnut colour for horses but after 20 + year they have given up the ghost. I have tried mixing loads but haven't quite came up with the same finish.
I'm getting the hang of my camera again. it would appear that Mai has been messing about with the settings (I have no idea why as the girls only use it on auto???) Anyway I am starting to get the close ups working again so hopefully i'll not be posting so many blurry pics (famous last words!!)
I'm going to work on the under coating of the braid on my next hussars to try and bring the contrast back a wee bit. We will see how that works out!
Again I'm chuffed how the trumpeters and officers came out.
That's another 1 ticked off the 1813 Katzbach OOB and so back to the uhlans!

Happy wargaming!!!


Anonymous said...

great stuff Paul.

Anonymous said...

great stuff Paul.

john B

Jonathan Freitag said...

Braidwork detail is outstanding!

DeanM said...

Fantastic looking Hussars. The braiding is cleanly painted and stands out very well - better than my 28mm stuff. Best, Dean

Mark Case said...

Exceptionally nice hussars, Paul!

paulalba said...

Thanks Mark, I have some ideas for painting the next ones that I think will improve the look of the braid.