Monday, 12 August 2013

John B's Uxbridge Command

I'm glad to post a wee sample of figures from the collection of another fellow 15mm Napoleonic enthusiast John B from Australia. John has a pretty massive collection of troops that hopefully we will get the chance to see over time. So I'll let John take it from here . . .

Apart from the odd post on WD3 and the GdeB forum, I don't put that many photos on the internet, but I really enjoy Paul's work (very kind of you John!) and hope to put the odd thing up here to share a little of the burden. If I can encourage you to consider the AB range, either through Eureka, Fighting 15s or Eureka USA, then all the better. There are cheaper figures around, but none better sculpted or cast.
As part of a planned series of games to celebrate the 1815 anniversary in 2015, I allocated myself a large chunk of the allied cavalry corps. I think that of the eight or nine regiments that I am supposed to do, one is finished and that is the KGL Hussar regiment I already had for the peninsula. So, of course, following normal wargamer's logic I started with the icing on top of the cake, rather than the cake. 

Lord Uxbridge missed most of the Peninsula due to a small misunderstanding with the Duke. If you dont know why, do yourself a favour and do a quick internet search - its not your normal military tiff. Anyway, to represent him I took the AB Stapleton-Cotton figure which is suitably lavish and did a simple headswap with the AB British Hussar in shako

Now in a rare example of Anglo-Australian cooperation and goodwill at the moment, my friend Tim in the UK (alias 'Timmo' on WD3) had done one of these himself and he did such a magnificent job on it that I persuaded him to do one for me, suitably recompensed by a pile of ABs from my friend Mr Robson. That little task grew to include a few hangers on in a RHA officer, hussar officer and trooper. Then I wanted to add a suitable heavy cavalry officer and waited till the AB Household Cavalry figures were done and I painted this officer from that set. I did the horses for all and based the lot. Its a nice little piece all together, but I draw your attention to the magnificent job that Tim did on the tiger skin shabraque on the Uxbridge figure - it is a delight.


John (VonBlucher) said...

Your friend Tim did a beautiful job on the figures for you and thanks for sharing these images.

I saw your Guard cavalry on the WD3 forum and they are very well done.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Uxbridge has quite a sizable entourage. Very handsome command stand.

Craig (Beresford) said...

Now that's a very handsome looking group! Good work mate!

Francis Lee said...

Those are bloody good work, damn nice!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

He did indeed do an excellent job!


Ken said...

Yes, these are very nice.

I believe John painted the AB Young Guard figures on show on the Eureka web site. I tried to copy the paint job these!



DeanM said...


James Fisher, FINS said...

Quite the dandy, quite appropriately! Lovely stuff Paul