Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Brandenburg Uhlans

Finally I have finished my Brandenburg uhlans. They took a bit longer that I expected mostly because I burned myself out from painting a wee bit however they are done now. Would you believe it, just as I was setting them up to photography I bent over 1 of the lances and the paint came off  . . . I could not believe it, all repaired but things don't look promising for future gaming?
The figures are from the AB range. They seem a wee bit finer than some of the other AB figures I have painted and some of the detail was harder to hit but I got through them in the end. I don't think I have ever said this before but you can see a bigger image by clicking on each picture. 
The AB figures have the rounded saddle cloth that I think came in around Waterloo from the info I have read. I stupidly considered converting to the wool type but very wisely decided against it.  
I picked up a good lot of my uhlans from various sources and it's interesting the little variations in the figures. I have trumpeters in both relaxed and blowing pose (I noticed that after I had started or I would have the relaxed guys). I spotted fighting 15's has the blowing type shown and Eureka in Oz have the relaxed. Also there are 2 types of officer. One is big and looks straight ahead and the other looks to the left 
I altered the bug guy a wee bit for my main command base as I thought his head sat a little high in his collar. I put a lot of shade into the figures. The uniform is done with the Foundry 3 Prussian blue shades over a black base coat I have a nice 3 shade flesh I have been using from Foundry again but using a mix of their flesh tubs.
 The lance pennons are for the 1813 period yellow over blue.
So all in I'm pretty happy with them and they are another unit ticked off my Katzbach OOB. I'm not sure on what large unit to paint next. I have 2 more cavalry regiments to do on the OOB. The Silesian landwehr cavalry (that's looking most likely) or the East Prussian national cavalry (long term project).
I need more commands for my OOB and so I have used up my remaining figures doing a few wee conversions to make them different.
I had a left over early Russian (or Prussian) officer, I used his head for Kutuzov and I swapped the old Kutuzov head onto his (being Scottish these are my favourite conversions as you don't lose any figures and you have 2 unique to yourself so win-win). The other is the ADC figure a little altered.
I've given the General a moustache and a covered cap as well as some other details. General stars are still to be added in.
This guys is a simple head swap to a mounted landwehr officer as the Katzbach OOB has tons of landwehr troops.
This is my favourite as he is really transforming into something completely different from the original.
The brigade command for the uhlans (I was going to add in a guy with lance but advice from Craig and Robert convinced me to pop in the trumpeter).
This is a wee extra project. Crazy platen and his trumpeter at Mockern. Still a lot of work to do but starting to take shape.
I am converting a Russian dragoon officer into Von Platen and the uhlan czapka has to be removed (it will make a nice touch on the ground). The trumpeter needs the most work and I think he'll need to be raised on the base a little bit as he looks smaller than the other 2. I'll post pics as they come together . . .

Ok that's me for the moment so happy wargaming.

Also I forgot to say I have been looking for an old Citadel colour "Vermin fur" that has a great shade for mixing with my horse colours (mixed with the 2 large tubs I have it was my favourite chestnut to bay shade). I have been looking for it for ages since my tube has been running down. The Coat d' Arms claim to match it with rat brown but it's not the same colour, much lighter and is a dead match for vermin brown from the GW foundation shades. If anyone has a spare tube I would be keen to buy it off you (it has to be the old citadel style paints though in the mid orange/red/brown shade) or if you are into AB Prussians I have a spare few Blucher figures. I would be happy to paint 1 up as a trade!


Johnny Rosbif said...

Your figures are the definition of 'eye candy', Paul. Another triumph!

paulalba said...

Thanks Mr Rosbif,
I'm glad you like them. I hope I get the chance to use them some time as it's been a while.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Great work and the Prussian cavalry looks quite impressive enmasse.

John (VonBlucher) said...

Great looking unit,and some very fine conversion. I'm with youself on creating one of kind figures.

By the way how's the leg coming along.

paulalba said...

Hi Jonathan thanks and I agree with you the Prussians look good in big units. I do think the French with their colour uniforms look more impressive (he says with grinding teeth ;0)

Hi John,
Thanks, yeah you can get away with a couple the same in different sized command bases and if you can paint different coloured uniforms but if you have the same figure in yer brigade bases they stand out a mile. It's nice to be able to convert them but as you know it takes a good wee while.

The leg as from last wednesday is in a large boot with wedges. 3 more weeks and I go back to see what's going to happen next. fingers crossed. Hope your doing well!

Best regards

Craig said...

Great work again Paul. Are you sourcing Platen's trumpeter's instrument from the dragoon figure I spied lying next to the base?

paulalba said...

Hi Craig,
Thanks and yes I will cut as close as I can and then file down and scalpel the rest. The great thing is the trumpet is compost and the tassles are already flying. I may add wings despite the painting not having them. he is the commanders trumpeter after all. The heads for the officer.

paulalba said...

Complete trumpet lol. Fecking predictive text!

Sun of York said...

Brilliant work, great colouring and detail. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always Paul.

john B

Giles said...

Paul, these are outstanding - as always with your painting, it's impossible to imagine these AB figures painted any better.

Best wishes


Phil said...

Hi Paul!
Brilliant as always, your work with the Prussian cavalry is very impressive! Another great addition to your wonderful army!
All the best,

Rodger said...

The Uhlans are stunning Paul! Fantastic work.

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

You've done a grand job on the Uhlans, the AB's always repay the attention you give them.

One question: is that a metal plate attaching the pennant to the lance? I've noticed this on my own lancers also but so far have just been painting them the pennant colour.



paulalba said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments guys, im glad you like them.
Hi Ken,
the area you mentioned on the pennant I believe is of white cloth. I questioned it myself. I look around the the guys work and most seem to paint it white however others do it the colour of the penant. Im not sure if the were permanently attached or could be removed? I would guess removable.

Probably flung them in the washing machine for parades? :-)

Ken said...

paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
I went to reply to your, plot thickens comment and I deleted it by mistake. Man blogger is a pain in the arse.

I meant to say if you find out about the suspected nails let me know. These wee things are always interesting.

And sorry for my stupidity!

Ken said...

Nee botha bonny lad!

I'll ask on WD3

Ken said...

Also meant to ask how your war wound is doing?

paulalba said...

Thanks Ken,
Yeah im just taking my time and following the doctors instructions. Bit sick of being off work.

I have tried joining WD3 many times without success, lol.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Man, you do beautiful work.


Gary Amos said...

Lovely paint job as usual and the conversions are very neat. Spot on!


Ken said...

I think you have registered on WD3 ok

paulalba said...

Hi Ken,
No I have tried on many occasions but never got a confirmation email to say it had been activated. I 1st tried I think around a year or 2 ago?

Recently a current member spoke to the administrator to see what had happened and he gave me a user name and password to get me started. When I tried to sign in I got:

The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator.

I copied the password and user name straight from the email and still no luck. So I gave up lol.

Gonsalvo said...

Great painting, Paul, and I love your conversions. Some Prussian Uhlans (Perry)are on the to do list for me as well, probably for this winter.

Sun of York said...

Re bending lances, I give all my models' lances, swords, musket and bayonets etc a coat or two of PVA glue before varnishing. I find this toughens them up with the PVA glue drying hard and transparent in thin coats. It was a technique I used with my plastic figures and I've also seen it used with decoupage.

paulalba said...

Thanks Firemonkeyboy and Gary, I'm hoping to get a wee bit more done before I return to work.

Thanks for the tip Sun of York. I will try that with the next batch. I though about PVA when I seen what happened but didn't think of putting it on before the varnish.

Hi Peter,
Look forward to the Perry Prussians. They have done some superb figures over the years!

Rafael Pardo said...

This is a very beautiful unit!

paulalba said...

Thank you very much Rafael,
Im glad you like them!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Niiiiiice!! Rarely have these landwehr units looked so good.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Very nice miniatures. One day I fall for 18mm and then oh then...

Darren Ashton said...

Great work again Paul. Lance pennon colours are an interesting and sometimes devisive subject for the Prussian army....

Mark Case said...

Very nice figures! Not sure what I'm going to do after the Peninsula, maybe Russians?

paulalba said...

Thanks James, Kawe, Darren and Mark,
I've hit a wee painting block at the moment.

Darren thanks again for all your help with my AB Prussians. I have enjoyed painting the AB figures you sold me!

I feel a jump coming on, maybe to French or Russians. I see so many great colourful painted figures by other people. Especially french cavalry and commands in all their Sunday best. Prussians can be very dark in 15mm.
We will see . . .

Darren Ashton said...

Pleasure Paul, great to see the end results mate. Why dont you do some Confederation stuff, Bavarians, Wurtembergers or Saxons. Very colourful units....

paulalba said...

Yeah I might do some Saxons Darren? O need a few more battalions to make them useful!

DeanM said...

Sorry to have missed these when you first posted them, Paul. As always truly impressive work - the painting and conversions. You make the best argument for 15/18mm over 24/28mm. Best, Dean

Sun of York said...

Just to fully appreciate how good Paul's painting of these figures is, compare them to my sorry chaps: http://onesidedminiaturewargamingdiscourse.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/prussian-napoleonic-uhlans-3rd.html

And mine ain't bad, even if I say so myself :-)

paulalba said...

Yours came out grand SoY!