Saturday, 3 August 2013

Prussian Command 3.8.13

Well you can't have enough command figures, the more units you paint either cavalry, foot or artillery you need more wee guys to command them. This is my latest base. I used them as a relaxing break from painting full units and I am pretty happy how they came out.
The fancy plume guy is meant to be a line ADC (or that's what it says in the Osprey Prussian Staff book?). I had planned to make him a guard jager mounted officer but I'll just need to pick up another at some point. The other dude (sorry Robert) was going to be a horse artillery officer however he was drafted in as a foot artillery officer (I'll do another on a horse command base with the blue coat). I pinched the head off a spare Prussian flag man and I think he works pretty well with his old timer whiskers.
As I'm sure you know the 2 figures are from the AB range. If your building a big Prussian army I've found you have to start switching heads or you end up with the same figures over and over again.
At last some of my shading is starting to show up in the pics!!!
So onto my next figures . . . wish me luck!!!


davetaylor said...

Looking really good Paul. The level if detail on each of these tiny figures is wonderful.


Gary Amos said...

Superbly done!

Ken said...

The highlighting and shading on the officer in gray is excellent!

You can never have enough command stands - even if they take up a lot of room on the table.

John (VonBlucher) said...

Great looking command!!
I love that you went back to your old style of painting.

tzen67 said...

Really excellent work. May I ask which blue you use for your Prussians?

fireymonkeyboy said...

Terrific Paul. I've been meaning to ask, what basing system are you using, and for what games?


paulalba said...

thanks so much for your positive feedback guys, gives me a wee kick to stay on track,

Hi tzen67,
I jump around paints but my recent Prussians I have used the 3 Prussian blues from foundry. You can hardly see the difference from black on the 1st shade however it comes out well once the matt varnish is on. I also occasionally use a tiny amount of foundry Bavarian shade in the final Prussian blue highlight to giveca little more lift.

We are using the General de Brigade rule set and basing the figures to that. The troop amount and frontage bases etc all match that. If you are interested let me know what nation and I can list them down for you.

Hi John,
Glad you spotted that. I'm a lot happier with my old style. I was getting a wee bit frustrated letting the black show through on faces. Strangely it takes about as much time to pick out the raised areas with flesh over black as it does to shade flesh!

Best regards

paulalba said...

3 shade flesh. Should read john

Ray Rousell said...

great work Paul, love how you painted the large plume!

Sgt Steiner said...

Superb doesnt do them justice

Craig said...

Great work Paul. Another master-class in figure adaptation, painting, and presentation. Not the first time it's made me rethink some of the figures I've done.

Gonsalvo said...


I agree that you never sem to have enough command figures as your armies grow, and sometimes it takes some creativity to keep them from all looking the same - you go farther than I do there!

fireymonkeyboy said...

Thanks for the info Paul. I've heard of the ruleset, but not played them. At what scale of battle do they operate?


paulalba said...

Thanks very much!

FMB the ratio is 1:20