Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dolitz & Probstheyda 1813 (1)

The weekend before the typhoon hit the Philippines I was fortunate to be invited down to Robert's garage for a game with Billy, Robert and Gary. The battle would be based on I believe the 1st day of Leipzig from the GdB scenario book. Unlike last weeks game this 1 was pure inspiration. I have to say I almost forgot about all the pics I took because of the following days unfolding events.
So this is how the table looked at the start of the game, the pics were pretty poor due to the darkness in Robert's garage (and my lack of photographic ability) but you should get the general idea of the game. Robert and I played the allies and Billy played the French on his own as Gary unfortunately couldn't make it.
For this week all of the troops were from Roberts collection. I had charge of the Prussians on the right flank as well as some Russians. In the bottom right would be our 1st objective. The Scenario is basically set around the allies assaulting various towns, villages and 1 farm with the French defending them to the last.
This is a shot of my initial advance on the small farm.
Robert had control of an Austrian army on our left and centre. I seriously would like to build on my own Austrians as they have to be 1 of the most eye catching armies on the table when seen in large numbers.
This will be the main Austrian command poking fun at the French from across the field with some captured treasures.
A brigade command with some Hungarians in their rather nice blue strides, this is 1 of my favourite uniforms of the Napoleonic period (but then again is there a Napoleonic uniform that doesn't look brilliant???).
Ian somewhere in this lot are the newly based French troops Robert acquired from you and very nice they look to.
And the wee man himself. Well this wasn't actually on the day Napoleon as Billy used this 1 as a regular command stand however the real deal will be making an appearance pretty soon. 
Some chasseur a cheval, My only real success of the day was to give these guys a drubbing! My dice were poor, no very poor!

And the Polish lancers of the guard from the same brigade.
Some Saxon artillery standing in as Poles for the day I believe?
More of the enemy moving into position.
Robert's 1st move was to advance his main Austrians on the strong point above. I'll just point out that no matter how well we rolled Billy had blessed dice all day!!!
A quick tactical change, Russian cavalry being sent to bolster my weak flank. I would have needed a few T34's to be honest!!!
A close up of some of Robert's tasty AB French.
A view from the grand artillery duel that would last all day.
This was an Austrian faint on the left flank as the main assault headed for the centre area and my left flank.
Another view of the lovely Polish lancers, AB I believe?
French batteries now in position.
So I set out assaulting the little farmstead. The fusiliers in extended line were not my idea by the way! I am very unsure of using legere, fusiliers and voltigeurs in their light capacity. I'm trying to learn however it can be dangerous when playing with experienced players. These poor fusiliers were pretty soon ridden down and I believe they were the best troops I had on the field, lol!
French reinforcements held in reserve waiting for Napoleon I believe?
The great thing about playing with experienced players is watching how easily they manoeuvre their troops on the table, kind of like watching good snooker players?
Billy started out his dice rolls as he aimed to continue throughout the day rolling a double 6 on the 2nd initiative throw unleashing the Corsican ogre and his precious guard. Robert had told me before hand that the scenario was a very difficult 1 for the Allies to win and when Napoleon enters the battle it becomes pretty close to impossible. Napoleon having a wee rest above!

The guard flowing towards my side of the table. I'll post more pictures soon of the actual battle.


Michael Heun said...

is it 28 or 15 mm ?


Michael Heun said...

is it 15 or 28 mm ?


Anonymous said...

Great to see massed battalions on a nice table.

paulalba said...

Hi 15mm Jay

paulalba said...

Thanks Neil,
Glad you like them.

fireymonkeyboy said...

It's terrific how many of your gang have these kinds of big collections. Great stuff.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Fine looking troops nearly shoulder to shoulder across the table. That is a wall of figures for that table size. Looks great!

Dai said...

Wow - wonderful sight to see such a massed amount of painted Napoleonics.

How you managed to keep track of all that.... impressive.

paulalba said...

Thanks FMB, Robert, Billy and Gary have been collecting for years, probably 20+ years each. I think there are a few more of them from the falkirk club who have large collections to. My own is getting there but pretty small in comparison. Together ny brother, nephew and I have a good sized collection. Its good we met up over time.

paulalba said...

Thanks Jonathan, yeah Robert thinks he has space for another couple of tables long ways.

paulalba said...

Thanks Dai,
It certainly gave me that wow factor when I entered the garage.
thankfully Billy and Robert have played the GdB rules for years so it just flowed!


Lovely, a reL piece of eye candy

Ken said...

Yet another splendid game - I'm quite envious of you! Still, I should be busy next year even if its solo!

Michael Mills said...

Blimey that's a lot of tin! Absolutely gorgeous to look at. Thanks for sharing mate.

Johnny Rosbif said...

Wow! Nothing like seeing massed Napoleonic troops on a table-top. Can't wait to see more!

I hope the recovery in Philippines progresses for your family.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

That's a table full of eye candy for sure! It seems your having more fun then last time.;-)


Ray Rousell said...

That's a most excellent looking game Paul!

paulalba said...

Hi Dave,
Yeah Robert definitely knows how to put on a good looking naps game!

paulalba said...

I feel very fortunate to be included Ken,
I've been invited to a few of the guys games and my shifts or real life usually mess me up. I have to be honest, my gaming ability is really poor but Robert and Billy have been very helpful.
look forward to seeing your troops in action Ken!

paulalba said...

Glad you like them Michael! Wish they were all mine! I feel the same. If I had the time I could have painted at least 2 battalions on the inspiration of seeing this lot out on the table.

paulalba said...

Hi Rosbif, its a long, long, long process for the family. I'll post an update soon. Really waiting for some more positive news before I post. Glad you like the troops, I'll post part 2 soon.

paulalba said...

Hi Christopher it was great fun even though my dice were terrible, I would have happily sat for a few hours afterwards looking through Roberts collection.

paulalba said...

Agree totally Ray, the Austrians are my favourite, nothing like a sea of white!

I take it you will disappear from online pretty soon as you concentrate on defending your painting title!?!

Sun of York said...

I'm glad the game worked well after the last one. I don't know the General de Brigade rules, but Leipzig is sure to be a challenge for any rule set.

Great to see the seated Napoleon - that's the inspiration I need to get mine out and painted.

John (VonBlucher) said...

Great looking game, glad you took pictures. Nice to have a game that was more smoothly run, than the last you posted.

Gonsalvo said...

Beautiful game and glad it was fun even with Robert having the "Dice on Fire!".

Oh and "*some* Chassuers a Cheval... SOME! Those are the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Imperial Guard, and drubbed or not they'd be really annoyed to be referred to as "some", LOL!


paulalba said...

Hi SoY,
The GdB rule set gives very enjoyable games mostly with a good feel for the period. I would put down our disaster at the club to other factors.

I have been getting a huge pull towards doing napoleon lately as everyone seems to be doing him however I have so many allies to do 1st but ill get to him at some point.

paulalba said...

Hi John, yes it was a real pleasure to be part of, even if my dice were mince and had plenty of eye candy on the table.

paulalba said...

Hi Peter, to true, have to be careful not to upset the chasser a cheval of the guard!

Mike said...

Good report, very enjoyable. I like that Austrian army command stand.

James Fisher, FINS said...

I somehow missed this one when you posted it Paul; simply magnificent!