Monday, 2 December 2013

Prussian Uhlan Command

Just a small update today
Still a stressful time for our family over in the Philippines however they are trying hard to get some bits of normality into their life again regarding work and school even though there are no real buildings or organisation left. Relief aid in the city is still close to none existent so I'll not go into depth until I have some really positive news to share.
Anyway, I managed to finish this little uhlan command stand complete with my 1st white uniformed ADC. I have always wanted to do an 1813 period Prussian cavalry ADC in the white uniform (Kurassier pattern I think?) so I'm happy to see him done.
Not the most exciting of command bases but it'll do it's job I'm sure.
I'm pretty pleased with the subtle tones on the ADC coat from a light grey to white base and I think I may have a future avatar?

As a cavalry command they can control any cavalry unit, however here they are with the chaps they are destined to lead.
And 1 from a future post. Silesian landwehr cavalry very close to being finished
 . . . The magnets are already on the bases!


Jonathan Freitag said...

Hope the news begins to improve for your family's situation in the Philippines.

Really beautiful brushwork on the command stand.

paulalba said...

Thanks Jonathan,
On both counts!
And thanks for taking the time to comment.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Paul, my comment on your command stand was understated. Your ADC in white tunic is simply exquisite!

Phil said...

Fantastic, as always...My favourite is the ADC, colors are just great!
Hope your family's situation is getting better and better...

LittleArmies said...

Super looking figures Paul - and I'm pleased to hear things are gradually looking up for your family in the Philippines.

I'm currently trying to motivate myself to paint more Spanish infantry...and seeing your much better painted efforts is helping a bit!


Vasiliy Levashov said...

Awesome, Paul! as always...

Scotsgrey said...

Stunning figures

Scotsgrey said...

Stunning work, these troops were the back bone of Prussia

Michael Mills said...

Absolutely superb all round. And you're right about the avatar for sure...

Sgt Steiner said...

Superlative brushwork as always

paulalba said...

Thanks guys,
It's amazing the fun we get out of our wee men!

Just varnished the edges of the landwehr cavalry bases. I'll pop them up un a day or 2.

John (VonBlucher) said...

great looking group and very nicely composed. The ADC in white is beautifully done and will make a fantastic avatar.

When you have a chance, you should post an update on your family in the Philippines.

Sun of York said...

Brilliant! Having done a few AB horses myself, the bulky reins under the horses head always presented a problem, but you have done a fantastic job.

It would make a great avatar.

Gary Amos said...

Well, disappointed with the world response to the Philippines trauma, but glad things are getting onto a bit more of an even keel after so long.

Now then, that command stand it a bit special and certainly worth crowing about. It's a cracker!

Craig said...

Great work Paul. The ADC figure has come up a real treat. Well done. Glad to hear things are improving in the Philippines for your family.

Anonymous said...

Great work as usual. Glad situation in Phils picking up although it'll be a long road to normality. Do I spy 2 jäger Uhlans on the right hand side..? With lances at rest to their right rear...nifty work. Ru

Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Glad to hear the situation over there is improving.

The white uniform makes a nice contrast to the other figures.



paulalba said...

Thanks gents, my progress has been slow but there are a few things coming through. Anyone got a good tip fir sealing lances? Yet again bent a feckin lance and the paint came off. Hmmmf!!!

Thanks also with the well wishes of our family, I'll post an update when we feel things are taking a real turn for the better.

Hi Ru good to see you here, sorry to say no uhlan jagers :-( it maybe command figures you see? I have thought of adding the jagers in the past but always bottle it!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely work Paul and happy to see your doing a little stress relief.