Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ahhh Russians

Just thought I'd take a quick pic of the command base I am working on for the troops below.

Last night I started on my Barclay de Tolly command group (I now have a nice name for a wee dog if we get 1, Barkly :-). I made my own feathery plume for Barclay and the cavalry general from milliput.

Well it's been a while since my last post and although I haven't finished anything off I thought it was about time I posted a little update of what's been taking up my painting time.

Last month (and this month) I've been mostly painting Russians! Phew, Old Glory Russians as far as my poor eyes can see, 12 battalions of foot and 2 artillery batteries are on my workbench at the moment as well as command stands and I am determined to get them finished.

I've managed to get 6 battalions based up awaiting the finishing stages and to be honest I'm growing fond of the Old Glory Russian figures.

JP a wargaming buddy had slapped on the paint pretty fast for big Stu so a fair amount of cleaning up was necessary before I could get stuck into them. Thankfully the paint wasn't on too heavy so I was able to do some shading. Just a little extra work and they will be ready for the table. 6 battalions in roughly a month I wish I could do that every month.

I have a whole army of AB Russians I am itching to get at so I decided to try and get the Old Glory army knocked together as fast as I could without them looking too shabby.

I'll post more pics as I get them finished off.


Stryker said...

Paul - that's a pretty impressive total for one month and they look great. Will you be adding flags?


paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks and yeah I'll be adding flags. I have the hands all pin viced out awaiting them. Thank goodness for greatcoats they paint up really fast

Anonymous said...

Aah Russians indeed! Very nice.

I wanted to call our dog "Longstreet" (he was a replacement for my dog "Custer")...but I was refused! We now have "Ben"..what sort of name is that!

Looking forward to more,


Ken said...

Hi Paul,

Nice looking collection, especially the big command base.



paulalba said...

Hi Matt,
Ben absolutely agree, LOL.
I had been knocking about some names before for dogs when my wife said she would fancy getting 1. My thought was a nice doberman called Blucher or Gneisenau?
The wife would like a small dog! Hmmm (maybe Napoleon?)
Hi Ken,
Glad you like them. They will look better when I get the pases painted and all the wee detail finished off. How you getting on with your painting?