Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Robert's 15mm Austrians

We had an excellent General de Brigade Napoleonic battle at the weekend with the French up against the Austrians and I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some closeups of my buddy Roberts Austrian collection.

These are my personal favourite as the variety of poses makes it look like a unit under fire.

And the very colourful Austrian hussars.

I'm not sure of the make of all the figures?

The majority will I guess be AB figures but also a fair number will probably be Battle Honours (artillery and command).

I have been told there is a great similarity with the Austrians from both ranges. Not surprising they were all sculpted by Anthony Barton.

Whatever make they are a very good looking army on the table.

This is part of a 48 man battalion, I had 2 0f them coming at me on Saturday. Very tricky to shoot down.

And some very pretty Austrian cuirassiers to finish off.

I'll post some pics of the battle as soon as I get some free time.


Phil said...

Wonderful austrians! Really!

Chamberí-JaiAlai said...

q guapo